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We all know that a brand like Greenworks has no major competitor when it comes to producing battery operated chainsaws.

However, I must also say that the new manufacturer, i.e. Kobalt has taken over Greenworks in terms of power, improved battery timing, and performance.

The 80v chainsaw from Kobalt features a long 18” bar with a sharp chain and a powerful motor. It uses the 2Ah 80v lithium-ion battery, which runs longer than expected.

Plus, it’s suitable for heavy-duty cutting work. Now, I get that it’s a battery operated tool, but the latest technologies enable it to do the miracles of cutting thick wood with ease.

At Chainsaw Guru, today we’ll discuss the Kobalt 80v chainsaw review along with some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Have a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Kobalt Electric 80V Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

At first, it seems like Kobalt Max-Volt is just another ordinary chainsaw that’s suitable for occasional wood cutting only.

However, that’s not a fact. It can cut a large 20” diameter wood log into 4 different pieces in one single charge.

Yeah, that’s right!

More than that, it has a longer bar and sharp chain, which can penetrate deep inside different wood materials without any hassle.

And, the battery gets less time to charge as compared to other competitors.

That’s what makes this chainsaw a standout among brands like Greenworks or Milwaukee.

Our Review of Kobalt 18” Battery-Operated Chainsaw in 2024:

One thing that I like about battery operated chainsaws is that they come preassembled most of the time. Kobalt 80v chainsaw

Same was the case with Kobalt. The tool came in already assembled in fine packaging. The bar was already protected with plastic housing.

One thing to mention here is that I received the 2Ah battery and battery charger from Kobalt within the package. I’d also recommend you to choose the same package for instant use.

Before taking out the chainsaw and handling it, I made sure that the battery gets fully charged. So, I plugged it in as soon as I took it out of the box.

As for the tool, it was lightweight, but not too much compared to the likes of Greenworks chainsaws.

Other than that, the first impressions were smooth as the tool features a robust design and is durable enough.

It comes with an easy maintenance chain tensioning system. So, it took me around a minute or two to tighten the chain first.

In that time, the battery got charged completely and I adjusted it on the chainsaw. Well, the battery positioning is not as ideal as I thought.

Anyways, I filled the oil window with standard bar and chain oil for proper lubrication.

Going right to the chase, I took it out and started with some medium sized wood logs. It cut them all with efficiency.

Next, I tried a large 20” diameter wood log to see how long the battery lasts. Kobalt 80v chainsaw made 3 and a half cuts before the battery died out.

From that experience, I got to know that one can use it for heavy-duty tasks. For keeping up with power, I recommend having a spare battery with a full charge.

Overall satisfactory enough performance from the cordless chainsaw. The quiet working operation made me fall in love with the tool even more.

Major Technical Features Kobalt 80v Chainsaw Offers in 2024:

Let’s now get back to discussing some of the technicalities of Max-Volt tool as follows:

Electric Motor:

The powerful electric motor installed in the tool has 80V voltage and it offers improved revolutions per minute rate to the chainsaw.

In doing so, it improves the overall power and allows the tool to cut with due efficiency and accuracy.

Apart from that, being installed with latest technologies, the motor doesn’t consume too much battery while you cut down some thick wood logs.

Fair to say, you could enjoy an interrupted storm cleaning operation without any hassle.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Kobalt offers a rugged 18” bar with its electric chainsaw. The longer the bar, the better it could penetrate inside wood logs.

That’s one of the reasons I was able to pull out around 3 and a half cuts while cutting down a 20” diameter wood log.

As far as the chain is concerned, it’s extremely sharp and comes with an automatic oiler that keeps it lubricated enough.

Hence, you could expect the tool to perform ideally without causing any wear or tear while cutting trees or trunks.

Easy Maintenance:

Getting right to the point, we already know that battery operated cordless chainsaws are easy to maintain rather than gas-powered chainsaws.

Same formula applies here. This electric tool comes with easy maintenance. Two knobs available on right side of the chainsaw enable you to adjust chain tensioning as per your will and wish.

The box already contains a small ranch that you could use for turning the knob either clockwise or anti-clockwise for managing the chain tension.

Low Kickback Bar:

Up next, you’ll receive a chainsaw that offers low kickback and a safe working interface at the same time.

Plus, the tool won’t get stuck no matter how thick or rough the wood material is.

I’ve been using the Kobalt 18” electric chainsaw since January 2022 and not even once did I face any kickback or getting stuck issue with it.

Less Battery Drainage:

Moreover, the battery drains less than expected. One of the reasons is that the motor is technologically updated and advanced enough.

Besides, the lithium-ion cells used in battery have a longer retention time. Once charged, the battery offers as many as 150 cuts on a 4×4 wood material.

On thick wood logs, however, the battery could last for as much as 4 to 5 cuts only.

The standard charger from Kobalt is what I recommend for charging the 2Ah battery that comes with the package.

Electronic Chain Brake:

Improves protection and safety. Electronic chain brake could be used to stop the tool instantly.

You can apply it in case the chainsaw is getting out of your hands to keep yourself protected from any unwanted accident.

Easy to Handle:

You can control the chainsaw easily, thanks to its ergonomic and thickly padded handle.

Plus, the design of the handle also allows you to use the tool both vertically and horizontally. Thus, it makes sure that you can cut small or medium limbs, shrubs, or firewood material without much hassle.

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Variable Speed Trigger:

Last but not the least, the variable speed trigger is there to control the speed of the chainsaw.

As soon as you position the battery inside the tool, just pull out the brake and start using the chainsaw by pressing the trigger.

Some of the pros and cons that Kobalt 80V electric chainsaw offers are as follows:


  • Durable and rugged electric chainsaw.
  • 80v electric motor improves power and performance.
  • 18” long bar with spiky chain.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Lightweight shape and body.
  • You could handle it both horizontally and vertically.
  • Suitable for cutting medium and thick wood logs.
  • Offers 150 cuts with full battery charge.


  • Limited stock left.
  • The charger often arrives defective.
  • Battery causes issues while charging.

What Do You Get with the Kobalt 80V Chainsaw in 2024?

The tool already comes preassembled, so you don’t need to spend time figuring out its assembly.

The box also contains a 2Ah battery along with a standard battery charger. Apart from that, it comes with a user manual that sheds light on using the electric chainsaw perfectly.

Apart from these things, you’ll receive a small maintenance ranch for adjusting the chain tension without any hassle.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

The customer feedback about Kobalt Max-Volt are as follows:

Power and Performance: 9.5/10

Battery: 9.4/10

Ease of Use: 9.6/10

Lightweight: 9.3/10

Portability: 9.5/10

Overall Ratings: 9.4/10

Expert Opinions:

Ash, one of the homeowners that I look out for has got some views about this electric tool. “Works pretty solid as a backup. Although you could not expect it to perform on the same level as gas-powered chainsaws. But it still gets most of the job done. Better shop it from an authentic dealer to avoid any battery or charger problems.”

Mason, on the other hand, says “Kobalt has helped me clean my backyard for a long time. I rely on it more often to cut firewood materials, slice thick wood logs, or remove unwanted shrubs. Although the price tag’s a bit exaggerated, it’s worth every penny.”

Why Purchase Kobalt Electric Cordless Chainsaw in 2024?

Even with battery power, the chainsaw produces miraculous cutting performance. You can use it to take down a large tree, cut some thick wood logs, or remove long shrubs with ease.

Furthermore, battery consumption is low, which allows the tool to work for a long time without causing any kickback or getting stuck issues.

So, those are some of the reasons you should put your money into this reliable battery-operated chainsaw.

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