Are Battery Chainsaws Any Good? Pros and Cons [2024]

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battery chainsaws pros and cons explainedBattery chainsaws also known as cordless chainsaws offer convenience and low maintenance compared to gas-powered chainsaws. They come in multiple varieties for different kinds of jobs.

To answer the question, are battery chainsaws any good? The simple answer is yes but that does not mean it is the best fit for you.

There are multiple factors that are to be considered when buying a chainsaw, especially the nature of the job you need it for and your level of expertise.

This article covers battery-powered chainsaws from different angles to give you an overall picture of making the right decision.

Are Battery Chainsaws Any Good?

They are, there is no doubt about that. Battery chainsaws are lightweight, less noisy, low maintenance, and an easy-to-use alternative to a gas-powered chainsaw. They hold plus points of both corded and gas chainsaws i.e. the nature-friendliness and low maintenance of corded chainsaws and ease of carrying around of the gas one.

Their target audience is beginners who are new to the technicalities of chainsaws and homeowners for low-duty tasks. The use of batteries also makes them the quietest ones in the family. But the real question is what do you need? In order to figure that out, you first need to narrow down the requirements of your task and the features required to fulfill that task.

Features of a Battery Chainsaw

Based on the nature of your job and the features of the battery chainsaw following factors are to be thoroughly considered to make the right choice

Battery system

The battery is the most distinguishable feature in cordless chainsaws. It is what powers the whole thing and offers the convenience of carrying. But it is also its biggest con. Since it is battery-dependent it is of no use once the battery is finished. To deal with that you always need to carry its charger and an extra battery in case you can’t find a source to plug it in.

A battery can run up to 45 – 90 minutes. On non-stop usage, it can utilize battery backup and run for up to 2 hours.

Charging Time

The charging time of the battery varies with the model. A combined rough estimation is 90 – 180 minutes. It is best to have a spare battery on hand.

Motor Power

Battery chainsaws use a standard brushless motor that provides efficient usage with less friction.

Bar Length

It is a variable factor that should be based on the kind of task you need to perform. The battery chainsaw comes in different bar lengths 10 and 12-inch for small tasks. There are 14″, 16, and 18-inch as well for medium to heavy-duty tasks.

Oiling System

These saws might not need oil or fuel to run but they definitely need it for the maintenance of their bar and chain. Some chainsaws offer an automatic oiler that keeps the saw oiled otherwise you will have to do it manually every time.

Chain Tensioning

A loosened chain can fall off and a tightened one can break down. The chain has to have optimal tension for optimal performance. This should be checked before using it. It can be fixed with a wrench and a screwdriver. Further instructions can be found in the manual.

Fuel Emission

Battery chainsaws do not require oil and gas for running hence they do not emit any harmful gas into the environment.

Are Battery Powered Chainsaws Worth it?

For homeowners who need a chainsaw to tackle small jobs around the yard, it is definitely worth it. Battery-powered chainsaws offer them

For professionals, it is not in the debate yet because even with a powerful engine and spare battery it does not offer the work hour limit and that is the main requirement of professional work.

Are Stihl Battery Chainsaws any Good?

Stihl with its battery chainsaws offers the best of both gas and electric power. Their battery chainsaw contains the following feature

  • Lightweight design
  • 36-volt Lithium-Ion technology
  • Quieter motor
  • Easy start

Stihl has a lot to offer in this domain. You can check that out on Stihl’s official marketplace.

Are Ryobi Battery Chainsaws any good?

Ryobi offers a good variety of battery-powered genres. Their models normally contain the following features

  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Ease of use
  • Push button lubricator

Ryobi 40530 has also made quite a noise in the battery chainsaw market for its user-friendliness. You can check Ryobi 18v chainsaw.

Are Makita Battery Chainsaws any Good?

Makita offers a good range of cordless chainsaws with bar lengths varying from 12 to 18-inch. All models aside from specifics come with the following common features

  • Brushless motor
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Top-handle design
  • Tool kit
  • Charger

Are Atlas Battery Chainsaws any Good?

Atlas offers battery chainsaws with battery power increasing with the length of the bar. This brand offers the following features in its saws

How long do Battery Chainsaws Last?

On normal usage, the battery can last around 40 to 60 minutes. On intermittent usage, it can be around 30 to 40 minutes. In case it is used non-stop without stopping and starting again and again it can offer 2 – 3 hours due to battery backup.

Final Takeaways: Are Battery Chainsaws Any Good?

Battery chainsaws are a good choice due to their many features but the main thing is whether they are a good fit for your task. They come in different varieties and based on their performance they can be categorized as light and heavy duty. They are best suited for homeowners and beginners since they make an excellent choice for yard work and garden maintenance.

One con is the battery life which lasts around 30 minutes or 40 based on usage. But that can be dealt with a spare battery. Interestingly homeowners have started preferring the battery limit over the harmful emission from the gas-powered chainsaw.

They are the best of both worlds with the convenience of carrying, and environmental friendliness. Plus with advancements and improvements in battery systems, the battery chainsaws are on their way to becoming a fan favorite.

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