How to Start a Makita Chainsaw? A 2024 Guide for Beginners

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tips for starting a makita chainsaw

You should learn how to start a Makita chainsaw whether you’re a beginner or have recently purchased one.

A chainsaw is a tremendous source of cutting power and may assist us with that power, but it can also be dangerous if we don’t know how to operate it properly.

This guide, therefore, includes all the requirements and guidelines that you must know before starting your Makita chainsaw in 2024.

Let’s have a look, without any further ado:

Starting the Makita Chainsaw Engine:

  • Make sure your Makita chainsaw is completely built and verified before starting it! Between where you fuel and where you start the engine, you should leave at least 10 feet. This will eliminate any risk of a fire.
  • Establish a firm foundation. Place the chainsaw on the ground, making the guide bar and chain not in danger of colliding with anything.
  • Activate the chain brake (block it), then grasp the front handle firmly with one hand and press the small saw against the ground with the other.
  • With your right foot, hold the down rear handguard.
  • Makita’s Featherlight Starting System is worth noting. The technology provides a painless start-up.

Cold starting of Makita Chainsaw:

The fuel pump must be primed since it is cold. To do so, repeatedly squeeze the fuel pump until you see fuel in the fuel pump. Place the combo switch in the “up” position, often known as the “choke” position. The half-throttle lock will activate as a result of this. You’re all set to fire the final shot. Pull the starting handle evenly and smoothly.

Starting a Gas-Powered Makita Chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws must be started properly to guarantee safety and proper operation.

  • Ensure the chainsaw has the proper amount of gas and oil, and then go away from where the chainsaw was filling with fuel.
  • Place the chainsaw on the ground, ensuring that the guide bar and chain are clear of obstructions and engaged in the chain brake.
  • Grip the handle firmly and use your foot to secure the rear handguard with one hand.
  • Set the combination switch to the choke position, then carefully pull the starting cord out.
  • Pull the starting cord fast once you sense resistance in it until you hear the ignition.
  • Set the central “ON” position on the combo switch.
  • Pull the starting cord quickly once more.
  • Squeeze the throttle trigger with your hand on the rear handle with the engine running.
  •  Release the chain brake and begin cutting logs into lumber.

Safety Tips Before Starting Makita Chainsaw in 2024

  • Any item should not come into touch with the saw bar’s nose.
  • Be cautious of the guide bar’s tip contact, which can cause the guide bar to travel abruptly upward and backward. The users may suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result of this.
  • The chainsaw is designed to use with both hands. As a result, you should never operate the saw with just one hand! One-handed operation of the saw can cause significant injury to the operator, assistance, and spectators.
  • You should always have a fire extinguisher nearby when using your Makita chainsaw.
  • When using the saw, retain a firm hold on both handles at all times. Furthermore, both handles must be kept dry, clean, and free of any oil or fuel mixture.
  • Operating a chainsaw takes a lot of effort and requires constant attention. So, if you’re tired or distracted for any reason, don’t try to use the chainsaw.
  • Hand gloves, sunglasses, full-sleeve shirts, safety pants, earmuffs, boots, and other personal protection equipment are required. They will protect you from unwelcome events. Protective apparel should meet CSA and BNQ standards to provide you with the best possible protection.
  • Fuel is the most frequent flammable chemical, as we all know. As a result, chainsaw fueling and refilling should be done at least 10 feet away from the place of action.
  • Ensure a correct footing on firm, fixed, and secured ground when operating the saw to avoid an accident. Keep animals and children out of the cutting area when using the saw.
  • While your chainsaw is operating, keep your body away from the chain. Never use a saw that has been damaged or has been improperly adjusted. This will result in a tragic collision. As a result, double-check that your chainsaw is in good working order.

Parts of Makita Chainsaws

You may need to repair missing or broken components after you’ve chosen the best Makita chainsaw for your needs.


Fuel left in the chainsaw for a lengthy period may have blocked the carburetor. Cleaning a clogged carburetor with a carburetor cleaner can help. If cleaning the carburetor does not work, the carburetor will need to be rebuilt or replaced entirely.


Over time, the chainsaw chain may break or dull. The chain will need to change if this happens.

Ignition Source

Spark plugs may be faulty or require replacement after a few years. To check the spark plug, you must first remove it.

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Rewind Spring

After the starting rope is pulled and released, the rewind spring recoils it. If the rewind spring is damaging, the rope will not rebound onto the chainsaw pulley. You can repair each rewind spring separately, but replacing the entire recoil starter assembly may be easier.

Coil of Ignition

If the ignition coil fails, the engine may not start. Before replacing the ignition coil, inspect the spark plugs to see if they are the source of the problem. An ignition coil tester may use to check the ignition coil.

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What distinguishes the Makita chainsaw from others?

Makita chainsaws include automatic shut-off features. It saves gasoline or battery power and provides an excellent level of safety.

Is it possible to start a Makita chainsaw without using bar oil?

Running a chainsaw without bar and chain oil can result in mechanical faults and major safety concerns, such as kickback. Failure of the chain is also a common problem.

What is the best way to start a Makita chainsaw that won’t start?

To address the problem, turn the spark plug hole away from you and empty the entire tank of petrol. Push in the throttle control to deactivate the choke, then pull the starting cord 6-8 times while pressing in the throttle control. Remove the spark plug and dry it before replacing it.


Depending on how you use power tools, they may be your friend or foe. Ignorance is bad, and it’s even worse when you’re going up to use a chainsaw with it! Make sure you understand how to start a Makita chainsaw effectively, smoothly, evenly, and safely before using it.

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