How to Use an Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener in 2024? A Guide

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using oregon powersharp chainsaw sharpenerPowersharp was invented by Oregon, one of the world’s major makers of saw chains, bars, and accessories. Many chainsaw manufacturers use Oregon chains as standard equipment on their new models.

I’ve used chainsaws for over 40 years and know they’re top-notch. Professional loggers utilize their gear as well. If Powersharp had come from another company, I doubt I would have paid as much attention. But, as it turned out, a specific chainsaw torture test I conducted demonstrated the device’s worth.

I purposefully sawed through a chunk of limestone rock for approximately three or four seconds, starting with a sharp saw chain. Any saw chain will get dull after even a brief touch with stone, and this chain was no exception. After that, it wouldn’t cut wood at all, though it didn’t stay lame for long in my testing. Continue to read How to use an Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener

To clip on the Powersharp unit to the bar, it took less than 30 seconds, another 10 to 15 seconds to sharpen, and another 15 seconds to remove the device. The total time spent: The second effort at cutting a log took less than two minutes, but the cutting motion was virtually as excellent as with a fresh chain. That’s rather extraordinary. It isn’t quite as well as with a brand-new chain, but it performs well enough to justify the purchase of this chainsaw sharpener.

How to Use an Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener?

A sharpening unit with an inside U-shaped grindstone, a specific bar constructed to secure the sharpener, and a proprietary chain intending to sharpen on top of the teeth make up the Oregon system. Around $80 is the total cost of the equipment. The bar and sharpener body will survive for a long time, and a fresh chain and replacement grindstone are available for $35. Before the chain is toast, you may expect five to fifteen honing sessions. I just purchased two more Oregon machines, one with a 16′′ bar and the other with an 18′′ bar.

Close off the engine as soon as you see your chain is dull, hinge open the yellow sharpening unit. And snap it shut around the two anchor holes at the end of the bar. Restart your saw, then locate a stump, huge rock, or another solid object to which you may press the spring-loaded sharpener’s nose while the motor is revving up. As it passes around the tip of the bar, the U-shaped grindstone slips into the moving chain, sharpening the top surfaces of the cutters and restoring effective cutting action. Small sparks may be seen pouring out of the bottom of the sharpening unit, indicating that it is operating.

A Powersharp sharpened chain will not be as effective as a fresh chain and it will not be as excellent as chains sharpened with my electric chainsaw sharpener.

How to Sharpen with a Round File: A Step-by-Step Guide

The purpose of filing is to eliminate any damage while maintaining the balance of the chainsaw chain.


  • The chain brake should engage, and the chainsaw bar should be lightly clamping in the bench vice. Then, to rotate the chain by hand, remove the chain brake (be sure to wear gloves when you do this).
  • Place a file guide over the cutter with the file in the gullet. If you’re using one (between the cutter and the depth gauge). Look for two contact points on the file guide: one on the cutter top plate and one on the depth gauge.
  • Hold the file in the right position so that 1/5″ (20%) of the file’s diameter is above the top plate of the cutter. The most convenient approach to keep the file in this location is to use an Oregon File Guide.
  • Check to ensure that the filing angle on the top plate is parallel to the chainsaw chain centerline.
  • Find the cutter that has sustained the most damage. Sharpen by removing the damage with steady, even strokes (the “full file length”) while counting the number of file strokes. When the cutter’s face is shining and silver, you know the damage has be gone. To ensure that the cutter lengths are identical, file all of the cutters with the same number of strokes per cutter from the inside to the outside.
  • Before flipping your chain to swap sides, complete all of the cutters on one side, from the inside to the outside of each cutter, file. On one side of the chain, complete all of the cutters. When you’re finishing, flip your saw over and repeat the operation on the opposite side of the chain. Always remember to maintain all cutter lengths the same.
  • Remove any damage with a file and ensure the top plates are all the same length.
  • Check the depth gauges again along with the chain pitch.

Watch this tutorial to understand the complete process of using Oregon chainsaw sharpener by Sarah Minnesota Mama:


What is the purpose of a chainsaw sharpener?

Regular usage of a gas chainsaw can cause the chains to grow dull. The chain can get dull over time while cutting into firewood, but it must be sharpened immediately when cutting into metal or stone. After refueling, you may need to make a brief sharpening of the chain if you use it all day.

What’s the best way to sharpen a chainsaw?

When using a manual chainsaw chain sharpener, be sure to utilize the adjustment guide that comes with it to ensure that the sharpener is appropriately positioning concerning the chain’s rivets. Use the file to follow the edge’s angle as directed in the handbook or instruction book after it’s in place. After a few strokes, you should notice results; make sure you line up the gadget appropriately.

Can a chainsaw chain be sharpened multiple times?

Filing each cutter with the same number of strokes and the same amount of pressure will maintain your saw cutting in a straight line. Before the chain has to replace, the cutters can sharpen up to ten times.

Final Takeaways

Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpeners are a simple and efficient solution to acquire a sharp chain quickly and affordably. You can keep your chainsaw chain sharp at all times with an Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener without spending a lot of money or time doing so. Just make sure the sharpener you select is compatible with the chainsaw chain you’re using.

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