How to Cut a Tree on the Ground with a Chainsaw in 2024?

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guide to cutting tree on ground with chainsawFinally, you’ve decided to try your handyman hidden skills, ha? Trying your first-ever cut might be daunting, but you know what? You can still cut-cut a tree (on the ground) standing in your backyard without worrying.

We have jotted down the easiest guide on how to cut a tree on the ground with a chainsaw. We’ll be helping you to collect all the necessities, make your first cut, and tree felling on the ground.

If you are unfamiliar with the word fell in wood cutting it simply means to cut down a tree.

So, are you ready? Did I just forget to mention the things you’ll be needing? Pardon me.

Tools and Equipment

How would you cut up a tree on the ground without a machine called a chainsaw, right? So, go and bring the beast close to you and start collecting the following protective gear items.

Warning: You cannot mess around while felling or cutting the wood by any means. A chainsaw is a life-threatening machine, so don’t forget to follow all the precautionary measures and wear the following things.
  • Logger helmet: Also called a chainsaw helmet, protects you from sudden branches or twigs falling or other injuries during tree cutting.
  • Earmuffs: It is essential to protect your hearing abilities and keep you safe from losing your hearing.
  • Gloves: These are solely meant to protect your hands from getting hurt by the chainsaw or wood tips.
  • Chaps: Protect your legs from getting injured by a chainsaw chain or while you sit on the ground to cut logs.
  • Sunscreen: You don’t want to burn yourself in the sunlight, don’t you? So, do apply sunscreen on your face before cutting the tree.

After wearing your safety gear, pick your gas chainsaw and a felling wedge (it will keep the tree sections apart and ensures no pinching of the saw).

Head towards the area where the lonely tree (who’s about to get down) is standing. And carefully read all the given steps.

How to Cut a Tree Down With a Chainsaw: 5 Steps to Pro Tree Felling

In this section, we will see how to cut up a large tree on the ground with a chainsaw. So, stick around because you’ll be doing all the steps practically afterward.

Step 1: Identifying Tree’s Felling Area

Usually, it depends on where you want the tree to fall. However, estimating the space, a tree will take after felling is important. And you can keep people or animals away from that area. Plus, you can try guessing the area a large tree would take.

Tip: An easy way is to use an ax with a handle. Hold the ax in your one hand and start walking backward. Stop where you feel the tip of the ax handle equals the treetop and ax bottoms, equals the tree base. The tree will likely take up this much space (can vary).

Step 2: Clearing the Felling Area

Instead of taking risks, it’s better to take your time and clean all the area around the tree to avoid any mishaps. Make sure you clear both ways opposite to tree felling area. So, in case you have to run after cutting, you wouldn’t have to experience any slips or trips.

Tip: Keep the two ways away from each other at around 45°.

Step 3: Tree Analysis

Don’t just start cutting the tree; calmly stand in front of the tree and look around for branches or hedges (broken, dead or semi-attached). Identify the side on which you want the tree to fall. Mark the area where you are comfortable to start cutting.

Tip: Remove maximum branches from the side you are about to cut (opposite from the felling side). The reduced load on the cutting side will lead the tree to fell in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Making a Perfect Notch

Your first cut will define a proper notch. Therefore, according to a rule, your notch should be one-fifth of the total tree diameter. Now make the following cuts;

  1. Notch cut 1: Make your first cut from the top at a 60-degree angle.
  2. Notch cut 2: Cut from the bottom side of the notch with a 30-degree angle.

(Keep cutting the bottom until it meets the other end and the wedges come out)

  1. Felling cut: Now start cutting from the opposite side of the notch. Make a horizontal cut all the way to the notch at a 180-degree angle.

Tip: Place a felling wedge between the felling cut to avoid firewood chainsaw pinching.

Step 5: Limbing and Bucking

After seeing the tree felling down, it’s time to start bucking a tree on the ground as well as do some limbing.

  • Limbing: Start cutting the tree’s branches from the bottom to the top. Face yourself towards the left side and the treetop. This will help you use the chainsaw effectively and easily cut branches from the bottom and sides.
  • Bucking: After removing every branch from the log, it’s time to cut it into a usable form, such as firewood. For this purpose, cut the trunk at specific intervals and keep rolling until you separate firewood from each other.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to cut a tree on ground with a chainsaw in 2024 by STIHL:

FAQs: Find More than Usual

How to Cut Tree Roots With A Chainsaw?

To cut the tree’s roots, you’ll need a pruning chainsaw. Firstly, dig around the tree and make a hole. Keep digging until you see the roots. Afterward, carefully cut the roots with the chainsaw in an upward direction. Then take out the roots and fill the hole again.

How to Cut A Small Tree With A Chainsaw?

You can cut a small tree with a chainsaw by following the stepwise procedure given below;

  1. Gather your gear and choose the area where you are likely to cut the tree without fear of hurting someone or breaking anything.
  2. Clean the area around your tree to some instinct, such as fallen leaves, broken branches, or other dangerous obstacles.
  3. Find a comfortable height and mark the part to start cutting. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable with different tree levels. Choose the ones that are easy to start cutting.
  4. Make the first cut horizontally around 2/3 for a small tree, and make a second cut by moving the chainsaw downwards (60°).
  5. Make sure the two cuts result in a wedge-like shape.
  6. Move yourself to the safe side (opposite the tree-felling area).
  7. Now make the last cut on the opposite side of the previous two cuts and start cutting from one inch above the horizontal cut.
  8. Push the tree on the same side, and it’ll fall apart.

Can An Electric Chainsaw Cut Down A Tree?

Probably, a yes, but if the tree you are going to cut is small or medium-sized. Because electric chainsaws, such as battery-powered and corded, are less effective in making high-profile cuts. Therefore, if you want to cut large trees, it’s better to use a gas-powered chainsaw. But, still, you can try cutting small trees with electric chainsaws.

Wrapping Up

So, how was the cutting experience so far? I hope you are not feeling tired after knowing the process. But, ready to pick up your stuff and start cutting your first-ever tree with a chainsaw.

Share your first cut and tree felling experience in the comment section below. We’ll be glad to see your experience. And if you have any concerns, you can ask away by writing in the comments. We will reach out to you ASAP.

Have a fantastic cut-cut woody experience!

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