Ryobi 18V Chainsaw Review [2024] – 10″ Cordless Tool

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Ryobi has simply done the IMPOSSIBLE this time! It has offered a 10” cordless electric chainsaw that’s perfect for small-duty cutting tasks.

Yeah, I’m talking about the latest P546 tool that’s powered by a 1.5AMP battery. Although the chain runs at a low speed, this chainsaw produces enough power to cut down small firewood materials with ease.

Today, we’d thoroughly discuss the ups and downs while doing the Ryobi 18v chainsaw review. I’ll also share my insights on whether it’s worth the money or not.

Let’s take a dig at it, without any further ado:

What Makes Ryobi 18v Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

The 10” chainsaw is one of the smallest cutting tools I’ve used up till now. Compared to its predecessor, i.e., the 40v Ryobi chainsaw, this tool offers low speed and produces less power than expected.

However, the impressive thing is that it’s suitable for light cutting tasks. Yeah, you can try cutting a 5” to 6” fallen tree with it quite easily.

Moreover, it could also slice firewood materials with convenience. I don’t think there’s anything more intriguing than the overall weight of this tool.

It barely weighs 5 pounds without the battery. That’s one of the reasons it’s a perfect choice for old peeps who cannot control large gasoline or electric chainsaws for a long time.

In a nutshell, this 18v chainsaw is basically famous for low-duty tasks only. You cannot expect it to cut large wood logs no matter how hard you try.

Its compactness and powerful mechanism is what make it a standout among other small cordless chainsaws.

Here’s what I experienced while checking out the P546 for the very first time:

Our Ryobi 18v Chainsaw Review in 2024 – First Impressions and Unboxing

I got Ryobi P546 a few months back for my wife as she wanted to clean the backyard of the home on her own. (You know! Women Empowerment!)

Well, as soon as I got the package, it took me a second to open it. The package was secure enough. Along with that, the tool’s bar and chain were also protected by the guard. Ryobi 18v chainsaw

Anyways, I took the chainsaw in my hand, and it felt like I’m holding a toy or something. It was THAT compact and lightweight.

I didn’t get any battery with the package as I already had a spare one available at my disposal. Tucked it right away and the chainsaw was operational.

A little bit weird, but the tool didn’t offer any protection, i.e., there was no safety chain brake installed in it. But, there was no kickback so it wasn’t an issue.

The chain-tensioning system was manual. That is, I had to tighten the chain using a small ranch already included in the package.

Took it out in the backyard and tried cutting some small branches with it. Good thing, it performed beyond my expectations and managed to cut the branches perfectly.

Next, I decided to check it out on a 5” to 6” thick fallen tree. One thing I noticed was that with a little bit of pressure, I was able to penetrate the bar deep inside the tree.

Made around 5 to 6 cuts until the battery died out.

As per my views, the tool is okayish for light-duty tasks and I won’t recommend it for commercial use at any cost. My wife was happy to use it as it was quite compact and portable.

Overall a good tool in terms of lightweight tasks, but an average one when it comes to cutting thick firewood materials. Plus, I also noticed oil leaking within the tool after I placed it in the garage. So, make sure that you empty the manual oil box before getting the work done.

Technical Features of Ryobi 18V Chainsaw You Should Know

Some major technical qualities that Ryobi P546 ONE+ offers are as follows:

Battery Powered Motor:

The battery powered motor, first of all, uses 18V power to run the chain at a steady pace.

However, you should not get your hopes too high as it doesn’t produce enough power to take down even medium-sized trees.

The best this tool can cut is a 5 to 6” tree along with some shrubs, limbs, and branches.

Say whatever you want but I already told you that this chainsaw ain’t for commercial use.

Manual Oiling System:

Unfortunately, Ryobi doesn’t offer an automatic oiling system in this chainsaw.

There’s a push button available just on the top of the handle. You can press it to keep the chain lubricated enough.

It’s kinda weird considering the fact that the chainsaw is priced at more than 100 bucks.

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Bar and Chain Mechanics:

The 10” bar seems rugged enough and it has got beautiful graphics from Ryobi.

Wrapped around it is a not-so-spiky chain that moves steadily when you press the variable speed trigger.

Mind you, this chainsaw cannot penetrate on its own. You have to keep it under pressure so that it can cut a certain branch.

Not a fan of 10″ chainsaws anymore? You can check out the best mini chainsaws especially the Saker Mini Chainsaw if you want an extremely portable cutting tool for your home!

Chain Tension Adjustment:

The chain adjustment isn’t automatic as well. There’s a knob available on right side of the tool that gets moved with the help of a ranch only.

Don’t worry, you’ll find the ranch in the package to keep the chain tightened enough before cutting anything.


Well, this is where P546 excels. The chainsaw is one of the smallest and lightest cutting tools I’ve tested up till now.

It barely weighs 5 pounds without the battery and whenever you hold it, it’ll feel like you are playing with a toy and not a tool.

It’s with this compactness and portability that you can carry the chainsaw around from one place to another easily.

Have a glance at some of the positives and negatives that this chainsaw offers:


  • Exceptional cutting performance with small trees.
  • Suitable for cleaning backyard from unwanted shrubs and branches.
  • 10” stainless steel bar.
  • Extremely compact and portable.
  • Can penetrate small firewood materials with force.


  • Manual automatic oiler. (You have to push the button for lubrication)
  • Not recommended for commercial use.
  • Kickback issues.
  • Not a safely designed chainsaw.
  • Oil leakage problems.

What Do You Get with Ryobi P546 Cordless Chainsaw?

The package includes a preassembled tool along with a user manual that will help you operate the chainsaw easily.

It also comes with a chain-tensioning ranch that you could use to tighten the chain as per your preferences.

There isn’t any battery or charger included. You have to get it separately.

Customer Ratings:

Have a look at what customers around the world have rated this tiny little tool:

Power and Performance: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Compactness: 10/10

Safety and Protection: 8.5/10

Overall Ratings: 9.6/10

Expert Opinions:

Bryan from Workshop Addict says that “Ryobi has introduced a chainsaw that’s not suitable for commercial use at any cost. It helped me cut a small tree with so much stress and fatigue. I didn’t expect it to be THAT much insecure and that too at an exceptional price tag.”

Why Purchase Ryobi 18V Chainsaw in 2024?

Ryobi with its 18v chainsaw has tried to make the life of homeowners easy. However, it would not meet the demands of those who are expecting it to work like Greenworks or Dewalt chainsaws.

I suggest getting this tool only if you want to carry out light cutting tasks that don’t require much attention. It’s a good alternative for backyards and lawn maintenance.

So, check it out if you want to please your wife with something that she can use easily for maintaining the yard.

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