Shindaiwa Chainsaw Review [2024] – Powerful 24-inch Cutting Tool

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I’ve used many gas and electric cordless chainsaws up till now as my love for these tools doesn’t seem to lower down anytime soon.

With that said, I’m always looking for chainsaws that offer more power, durability, compactness, and portability.

In this context, Shindaiwa is a brand that looks rather new but is a treat to look out for.

Its 600SX-24 model cuts right through thick falling trees and wood logs without any hurdle.

More than that, the tool is easy to handle, control, and maneuver. You can use it for cleaning your backyard, cutting firewood material, or for other heavy-duty tasks.

Today I’d focus on Shindaiwa Chainsaw Review and see whether it competes with giants like Husqvarna or Poulan Pro.

I’d also add some expert opinions from homeowners who’ve been using this chainsaw for a long time.

All in all, let’s dive right into discussing the Shindaiwa gas chainsaw as follows:

What Makes Shindaiwa Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

Getting right to the point, this powerful tool features a 59.8CC dual-stroke engine that offers impeccable performance. That’s one of the reasons it can cut wood like a sharp knife cuts butter.

More than that, the manufacturer has introduced a special automatic oiler that keeps the chain lubricated enough.

The chainsaw is easy to handle and control, thanks to its special anti-vibration system.

Plus, it uses less fuel and offers improved performance. The bar is thin, long, and comes with an extremely sharp chain.

In short, Shindaiwa’s gas-powered chainsaw is all about POWER and SMOOTHNESS. Based on these two features, it easily passes brands like Poulan Pro and Husqvarna.

Have a look at my first-hand experience and impressions of using the chainsaw as follows:

Our Review of Shindaiwa 24” Chainsaw in 2024

One thing I don’t like much about gas-powered tools is that they are often unassembled when arrived. Shindaiwa chainsaw

Same was the case with Shindaiwa. After receiving it from Amazon, I opened the box and took out the main body that gave smooth vibes.

The bar was thin and long enough. I attached it to the chainsaw and wrapped the chain around it accordingly. Not to forget, the chain was extremely sharp and I had to use my gloves for installing it.

Good thing about Shindaiwa is that it has produced a transparent fuel tank in this tool. So, it was easy for me to keep a check on the fuel percentage while cutting trees.

Right after I filled it with 49:1 fuel mixture, I pumped the fuel a little bit and pulled the cord.

It got started with only one pull and this is where it got ahead from Poulan Pro PR5020.

The variable trigger was indeed very responsive as well. It helped me control the chainsaw with ease.

As usual, I used the tool to cut down a 14” diameter wood log at first and performed amazingly.

On top of that, I used it to cut down some dead trees and it sliced right through them without getting stuck or causing any kickback issue.

While cutting down wood, I didn’t feel any pressure or stress on my hands. Plus, there was no vibration.

All these sublime specs and features made me a fan of Shindaiwa. Although it comes with an expensive price tag, the chainsaw is one to look out for in the future.

Technical Specs Shindaiwa 600SX Chainsaw Offers in 2024

Have a look at some of the technical features that Shindaiwa 591 chainsaw review offers:

Powerful Engine:

600SX-24, first of all, features a professional-grade 59.8CC engine. Cherry on top is that it’s 2-stroke and produces around  5.3 HP power at the same time.

So, compared to the likes of Husqvarna or Poulan Pro 18″ chainsaw, the performance and power that Echo 591 delivers is simply exceptional.

No matter if you need to cut large or thick wood logs in a rainy environment or simply want to clean a stormed backyard, this chainsaw is solution to all your problems.

More powerful engine means consuming more fuel. However, that’s not the case with this tool. Its fuel consumption is simply fabulous as you can cut 3 to 4 trees in a single go with the chainsaw.

Automatic Engine Oiler:

The engine oiler used in Shindaiwa 24″ chainsaw is not an ordinary one. The good thing is that it comes with an adjustable interface, which means you can control the flow of oil.

It, therefore, ensures low oil consumption and keeps the chain lubricated enough.

Apart from that, the manufacturer does use a clutch-driven option to make sure that the oiler is working up to the mark.

Decompression Valve:

You remember when I said that the tool took only one cord pulling to become operational?

Well, that’s because it comes with a decompression valve that reduces the effort to pull the cord again and again.

With this awesome interface, you don’t need to kick the chainsaw more than once. Just make sure that you are using pure fuel with the right mixing ratio to get awesome results.

Decompression valve also resists temperature. No matter how cold it’s outside, the chainsaw will take no more than 2 to 3 cord pulls to become operational.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

The chainsaw features a 24” long and thin bar. It’s made up of durable stainless steel alloy, so it won’t get any rust or corrosion over time.

Along with that, we get a spiky chain that wraps around the bar really well. Plus, it comes with an easy maintenance interface. A small ranch is available to adjust the chain tensioning at the same time.

Both bar and chain justify the power that main body delivers to it. The cutting is smooth, accurate, and precise at the same time.

Air Filter:

It seems like Shindaiwa has focused on keeping the engine protected from dust and debris.

For that purpose, it comes with a heavy-duty and easy to access air filter. It keeps the chainsaw safe and cleaned enough at the same time.

Besides you’d also get to see the presence of special G-Force Engine Air Cleaner. It helps in keeping the engine safe and protected, thus reducing the burden on air filter.

In a nutshell, the brand with its amazing new technologies allows the chainsaw to perform at its best for many years to come.

Oil and Fuel Capacity:

Last but not the least, the chainsaw offers enough oil and fuel capacity to keep the engine up and running for a long time.

That said, it comes with a 10.1 fl. Oz. oil capacity along with a 21.8 fl. Oz fuel capacity.

Fill both tanks a little bit below the actual mark to avoid any leakage issues.


Mind you that the chainsaw is quite bulky as it weighs around 20 pounds. However, the availability of a padded handle makes it easy for you to carry the tool around from one place to another.

You can even hold it horizontally or vertically to cut shrubs, logs, trunks, thick trees, and limbs, etc.

Some of the pros and cons that this chainsaw offers are as follows:


  • Extremely powerful 59.8cc engine.
  • Cuts thick wood logs and trunks with ease.
  • Perfect for long-term investment.
  • 24” bar with extremely sharp and spiky chain.
  • Durable and rugged housing.
  • Two-piece air filter.
  • Enough fuel and oil capacity.
  • Engine delivers better efficiency than other brands.


  • Quite expensive gas-powered chainsaw.
  • More suitable for heavy-duty tasks only.
  • A bit heavier compared to other brands.

What Do You Get with Shindaiwa 600SX-24 Chainsaw in 2024?

The body arrives unassembled with a 24” bar, a spiky chain, and proper housing.

Apart from that, you’ll also receive a user manual that helps you to make the tool operational.

Maintenance ranch also comes within the box that you could use to adjust chain tensioning as per your preferences.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

The customers have had their say about the Echo 591 as follows:

Maneuverability: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9.1/10

Handling: 9.2/10

Power: 9.8/10

Overall Ratings: 9.8/10

Expert Opinions:

Pete from Cheap Homesteading reviews the chainsaw as follows: “I’ve been using this tool in rainy and damp conditions to cut some falling trees and it has performed quite well. The overall interface is smooth enough plus the chainsaw penetrates rough and tough surfaces like a charm.”

Joseph, one of my neighbors says that “Although I was a bit hesitant to invest in Shindaiwa first, its latest model has totally proved me wrong. I’ve used the chainsaw for cleaning out some mess in my backyard and it didn’t disappoint me even a bit.”

Why Purchase Shindaiwa 24” Chainsaw in 2024?

Shindaiwa’s gas-powered chainsaw is all about power and performance.

It delivers an exceptional horsepower rate and allows you to cut whatever you want.

You should absolutely get it in case you’ve got some heavy-duty tasks to finish up.

Believe me, it won’t disappoint you for many years to come and you’ll enjoy the way it rips apart everything with smoothness and precision.

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