How to Hold Logs While Cutting with Chainsaw in 2024? A Guide

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Chainsaw is an incredible innovation built for you to cut your own logs. The logs can be used for firewood, planks, and boards after being handled. holding logs while cutting with chainsaw

Processing timber yourself is a satisfying yet easy task if proper procedure is followed.

We will be giving you a basic guideline on how to hold logs while cutting with a chainsaw. The key to a well-cut log is through proper support provided to the log.

Let’s get done with the support section first followed by holding the logs while cutting:

3 Ways to Support Wood While Cutting

The best ways to support wood while cutting include:

  1. Using 2×4 as support
  2. Using sawhorses
  3. Insulation sheets as support

Using 2×4 as Support:

You can use a 2×4 to build a brace supporting your wood as you cut it. Any scrape or piece of timber can be used as a log holder for cutting firewood. Its quick availability, as well as the ability to work without any specialized equipment, puts it on top of the list.

The use of 2×4 is hassle-free and gets the work done completely disregarding any fuss.

Using Sawhorses:

Sawhorses are another great chainsaw log holder DIY. The use of sawhorses proves to be an efficient way to stabilize the wood as it is being cut. You can make your own sawhorses in accordance with the size of the logs you want to cut. Its wide range of lengths and heights caters to everyone’s needs easily.

You can effectively use sawhorses to provide the needed support to the wood. In hopes of the log not slipping while you are using the chainsaw, it is best to have a sturdy base to keep the log in place.

Sawhorses are also widely known as sawbucks. Be sure to not get confused when looking for or building a log holder for cutting firewood.

Insulation Sheets as Support:

Insulation sheets can act as the wood cutting support you might need. Albeit an orthodox approach, insulation sheets surprisingly work well as they are easy to use. You can choose from a rigid variety to ensure full support to hold the log.

Any size of wood, small or large, can be easily cut with insulation sheets as a brace. It is essential to know how to hold logs while cutting with a chainsaw in order to achieve a satisfactory result. You can start cutting the wood after aligning it with the insulation sheet. The best spot would be on the floor.

Protection and Safety While Holding the Logs

In order to properly operate a chainsaw, you should adhere to all safety precautions. You have to make certain the fact that the log is completely secured. The fear of it tipping over or going the wrong course can be eliminated if fixed properly.

Safety instructions include:

  1. Wear safety glasses or goggles to avoid wood pieces and sawdust that flies over.
  2. Wear a helmet.
  3. Hearing protection is also recommended.
  4. Gloves to protect your hands.
  5. Get chainsaw chaps while working with a chainsaw.

How to Hold Logs While Cutting with Chainsaw in 6 Steps?

You need to be aware of the method you will be using to cut the log before you set it up. There are ways to hold the logs and cut them. If you are in the favor of using the ground, be sure to not cut into it. This would make complications by damaging the chain.

A wedge should be put up while using the ground to keep the log from rolling away. You can follow the steps below as we tell you the best way to cut logs with a chainsaw.

  1. Turn the best budget chainsaw on and put it up for slow speed, to begin with.
  2. Place the gas chainsaw over the mark you made from where you need to cut the log.
  3. Make sure the log is stabilized by the wedge present or whatever support you chose to use.
  4. Saw three (3) quarters of the way through using the chainsaw.
  5. Repeat the process for every marked line on the log.
  6. Rotate the log over 180 degrees and make the desired cuts from all sides.

Chainsaw Log Holder DIY:

In order to stabilize the trunk or the log you are cutting, it is important to support it. You can make your own brace using wood. Cut a V-shaped groove to use to hold logs while cutting with chainsaw. The smaller pieces can be set up inside, following the same procedure.

Here’s a visual tutorial that will guide you to hold the logs easily:


How do you hold firewood while cutting?

Holding firewood while cutting is similar to holding any other log that you need to cut. You can build your own brace for the log using 2×4 pieces, insulations sheets as well as a sawhorse. Wood can also be used as a support to hold firewood as you cut through it.

How do you make a log holder for a chainsaw?

A log holder for a chainsaw can be easily made through a piece of wood by fashioning it into a V-shaped furrow. The adjustment of the log depends upon its size. You can easily make a log holder by building your own sawhorse or a sawbuck as well.

How do you cut big logs into firewood with a chainsaw?

You can cut big logs using firewood the same way you cut small logs. A chainsaw can be used effectively for the process. The key to cutting big logs is to make multiple cuts, rotating the log and cutting through. You need to be aware of the safety instructions while dealing with big logs.

How do you hold a wood-cutting chainsaw?

A wood-cutting chainsaw requires a strong arm and an even stronger hold. You should brace the handle and tightly grip it to avoid accidents. Try to keep the chainsaw horizontal as you delve into the cut. Use both hands to grasp the handle or the throttle fully so it does not slip.

Final Takeaways: How to Hold Logs While Cutting with Chainsaw?

You can very easily succeed in holding the logs and cutting them the right way by making yourself aware of some simple instructions. Be sure to abide by safety protocols as you go about your way cutting logs using a chainsaw.

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