How to Start Echo CS-400 Chainsaw in Simple and Easy Steps?

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starting echo cs-400 chainsaw

ECHO chainsaws are not very different from each other in terms of starting procedures. They all require similar guidelines to follow and the Echo CS-400 is no exception.

If you have bought this top-notch chainsaw and don’t know how to start it, then this article will answer how to start Echo CS-400 chainsaw.

Top three things on your checklist before getting should be fuel ratio, air filter, and spark plug.

With these checked, you should be good to go. If not, for other minute details and descriptions keep reading.

How to Start Echo CS-400 Chainsaw in 2024?

At first, it seems like starting the CS-400 is a piece of cake; however, it isn’t as simple and straightforward as you may think.

Let’s first take a look at some of the Echo CS-400 problems that you may encounter while trying to start it.

Echo CS-400 Chainsaw Problems in 2024

No tool is perfect.  Even with lots of pros backing the Echo CS-400, the following are the problems pointed out by its users:

  1. The saw won’t start. This happens due to:
  1. This happens due to:
    • Clogged air filter.
    • Low on engine oil.
  2. Too much vibration. This happens due to:
  3. Won’t cut properly. This happens due to:
  1. Need a specific kind of oil for lubrication.
  2. Poor customer service.

Even with these problems, the good news is that these issues can be easily identified and fixed.

Echo Chainsaw Manual

Every chainsaw comes with a manual. This piece of document contains the saw’s description, operations, maintenance, how to start it, how to identify and fix certain issues, and much more.

In case you have lost yours, here you can download a PDF for Echo CS-400.

New Echo CS 400 Won’t Start

When the chainsaw is brand new, it is obvious that its parts are clean and there is no clogging of any kind. And yet your chainsaw is not starting. Why is that?

Air-Locked Fuel System

A common problem with new saws since they do not have fuel in the system is that the fuel lines are filled with air. Chainsaw uses a diaphragm gasket to move gas from the tank to the carburetor. Pulling the cord a few times can push the gas and force the air out.

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This can be tested by examining the spark plug. If it is dry then the system is air-locked. Fix this by removing the air filter and dropping a bottle cap full of fuel mix into the carburetor intake. Now the chainsaw will start at the second or third pull. If not, repeat the procedure.

Fuel Requirement

Make sure the oil-to-gas ratio you are using is correct. Echo CS-400 2-stroke engine requires a 50:1 ratio of gas and oil. Consult the manual for further details.

Too much oil makes the mix too strong and that can damage the spark plug. A damaged plug can misfire and flood the engine. If this is the problem then drain the fuel tank, refill it with the right mix and clean the spark plug.

Echo Chainsaw Starting Procedure

It is a dangerous situation if the throttle is stuck wide open or depending on where the piston is the saw can jerk downwards. The approved way is to put it on the ground or flat surface with no obstacle around it before starting it.

Whether it’s a cold or a warm start make sure you have your safety measures on. These include:

  • Wearing your work gloves.
  • Putting a face shield or goggles on.
  • Using noise-canceling headphones.

Cold Starting Procedure

A new chainsaw or one that has been sitting around for some time requires a cold start. A cold start is also needed in cold weather. Once the chainsaw is on the ground

  1. Fill it with fuel and chain oil.
  2. Turn on chain break.
  3. Turn on the toggle switch.
  4. Pull out the choke.
  5. Press the purge valve four to five times to prime the engine.
  6. Hold the chainsaw in place with your foot in the rear handle.
  7. Pull the cord once.
  8. Push the choke back in.
  9. Pull the starting cord once again.

Warm Starting Procedure

If the chainsaw has been running all day, it is likely to be warmed up. At this point, there is no need to use the choke. It can likely flood the engine.

  1. Put it on the ground.
  2. Turn on the chain break.
  3. Turn on the switch.
  4. Hold it in place with your foot in the rear handle.
  5. Start pulling the cord– It will most likely start at the first or second pull.

Here is a visual demonstration on how you can start an Echo CS-400 chainsaw by Lawnboy8461:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start an Echo CS-400?

  1. Put it on the ground and hold it with your foot in the rear handle.
  2. Turn on the chain break.
  3. Turn on the choke for a cold start.
  4. Turn on the switch.
  5. Pull the cord once and turn off the choke for a cold start.
  6. Pull the cord again to start.
  7. For a warm start, there is no need to do anything to the choke.

For a detailed procedure on both cold and warm start, read the article above.

How do you start an Echo chainsaw?

  1. Put and hold it on a flat surface.
  2. Hold it with your foot in the rear handle.
  3. Turn on the chain break.
  4. Turn the switch.
  5. Pull the starting cord.

For a detailed procedure check your saw’s manual or their website.

Why can’t I start my Echo chainsaw?

The problem with the Echo chainsaw not starting is the lack of fuel, air, or sparks to start the combustion engine. That could be due to a clogged fuel filter, fuel pipe, air filter, dirty carburetor, or the spark plug, spark arrestor, or an ignition coil may be faulty.

How many times do you have to prime an Echo chainsaw?

Press the purge valve or purge pump four to five times to prime the engine.

Final Takeaways: 

Echo CS-400 is a model designed specifically for homeowners. The tool is lightweight and easy to keep clean as long as the instructions are followed.

Like all chainsaws out there it faces common issues with starting due to clogged filters and pipes, dirty carburetors, etc., but these problems are easily identifiable and fixed.

Echo CS-400 is a highly praised model by homeowners and professionals and it is definitely worth considering.

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