Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Any Good? A Guide [2024]

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Troy-Bilt chainsaws and their featuresTroy-Bilt is a renowned brand famous for its lawn and gardening equipment like lawnmowers, snow blowers, tillers, etc. But the question is, are Troy-Bilt chainsaws any good?

“Troy-Bilt chainsaws are lightweight, comfortable to use, and have multiple built-in features that make them a great option for homeowners and beginners. They can be used in a wide range of wood projects and should be considered as an option before buying one.”

I’m also going to answer this question in detail with some facts and I’ll try my best to remain unbiased while discussing this chainsaw brand for my fellow homeowners.

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Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Any Good? Answered by Richard

Troy-Bilt offers chainsaws with bars in various sizes, which are 14’’, 16’’, 18’’, and 20’’. When it comes to the size, always choose a bigger than the job requirement, i.e., if you want to cut a 16-diameter tree, go with an 18-inch saw.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws have a gas-powered engine, and though they require chord pulling, that is worth it compared to the hefty amount spent on an electric motor. Plus, they have a 2-stroke engine that makes them highly fuel efficient.

Common features aside, the following are the aspects that can help you make the decision better.

Reliability of Troy-Bilt Chainsaws:

Once you assemble your chainsaw based on the instructions in the manual, you are good to go. User reviews on Troy-Bilt on their website and from different marketplaces, including Amazon, are pretty good.

Although it’s a great option as a lightweight gardening tool, its parts are hard to find. But they can be replaced with Oregon Products. Aside from that downside, it’s a good choice.

Durability of Troy-Bilt Chainsaw:

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are highly durable. They have an estimated five-year life span and an average 12-month usage span without any part replacement.

Although its automatic lubrication keeps the bar and chain oiled, constant use can always dull the blades. For that, periodic sharpening must be done with a reliable chainsaw sharpener.

Aside from its blades getting dull, all of its other parts are highly durable. Perform periodic maintenance and cleaning, and a Troy-Bilt chainsaw will last you years.

User Experience of Troy-Bilt Chainsaw:

A Troy-Bilt has a lot to offer its many built-in features that make its use and maintenance quite easy.

  • Has a lightweight, comfortable design.
  • Range of bar lengths.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High torque efficiency.
  • Built-in oil and chain oiler for automatic lubrication.
  • Controlled sawing tendency.
  • A built-in chain brake system that stops the chainsaw when the chain is of no use.
  • Spring Assist technology for easier cord pulls and hassle-free engine startup.

All and all, it provides an exceptional user experience.

Troy-Bilt Power Tools

Troy-Bilt is a famous brand in the lawn and garden equipment market. They offer high-power, high-engine quality equipment for all your backyard needs. Not only that, but they are also famous for their red-colored lawnmowers, but that’s not it. They offer a wide range of

  • Tillers
  • Cultivators
  • Snowblowers
  • Small engines
  • Chainsaws

Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Brand

Subsidiary to MDT Products which is now under Stanley Black and Decker, Troy-Bilt holds a name in the market for its powerful engine and long history since 1937.

Like all its products, the chainsaws are also manufactured under the Troy-Bilt name. Their target audience is more homeowners than professionals. But that is not to say that their product is anyways low in quality. In fact, Troy-Bilt has lots of variety to offer in-store and many more on the way. All of their chainsaws are gas-powered that come in different sizes, mainly for homeowners but can be used professionally as well.

TB4620C 20’’: A professional model for brutal tasks.

TB4218 18”: A modest option for home tasks and taking down trees.

Check out their new and upcoming models here.

Troy-Bilt Chainsaws for Beginners

Chainsaws differ in power which is based on the type of engine they use. As a beginner, you should either go with something that is your task requirement or something light to get used to before moving to something big.

A recommended option is Troy-Bilt TB4214 to get yourself familiar with the world and work of chainsaws. This chainsaw offers the following specifications:

  • 14-inch bar, easy on the hand.
  • 42 cc, 2-cycle engine for efficient fuel usage
  • SpringAssist technology for an easier start.
  • Automatic built-in lubrication for bar and chain.
  • The adjustable bar for comfortable cutting.

But as a beginner or professional, never use a chainsaw without your safety measures on such as wearing gloves and pants. Read your manual before usage and learn how to hold it right.

Troy-Bilt Chainsaws for Homeowners

The right choice for a chainsaw is based on the task at hand, and for homeowners, the main requirement is garden maintenance, and for that, a 16-inch is a good choice.

According to Fix and Feed, Troy-Bilt TB4216 is a great choice for homeowners. It offers the following specifications for its users

  • 42 cc full crack 2-cycle engine.
  • SpringAssist technology for an easier start.
  • 16-inch bar with low kickback.
  • Automatic built-in lubrication for bar and chain.
  • Adjustable bar that performs fast cutting.

Here’s a complete video on how Troy-Bilt chainsaws work according to the brand itself:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Troy Bilt make a good chainsaw?

In a nutshell, yes. Troy-Bilt offers a range of chainsaws tending to different cutting projects. They offer high torque, which helps cut through wet logs as well. Plus point, they all are pretty lightweight.

Who makes the Troy Bilt Chainsaw?

Troy-Bilt is an individual entity and a subsidiary under MDT Consumer Group Inc. that manufactures lawn equipment. The brand makes its own equipment in America but is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Where is the Troy chainsaw made?

According to the Troy-Bilt website, their headquarter is in Valley City, Ohio. Their manufacturers are across different locations in America, including Arizona, Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Who owns Troy-Bilt?

Troy-Bilt is a subsidiary of MTD Consumer Group Inc. and is now a brand under Stanley Black & Decker.

Final Takeaways:

Troy-Bilt is a brand that creates infamous lawn equipment.

Although their chainsaws are not as famous as their other products since the chainsaw market has a lot of tough competitors, they are not to be overlooked.

Given the quality and impeccable performance of their chainsaws, Troy-Bilt is soon going to make its place among some of the famous brands, i.e. Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, and Greenworks.

Look out for this manufacturer as you’ll see a lot of chainsaws from them in the market in near future.

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