How to Measure a Chainsaw Size in 2024? Simple and Easy Steps

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measuring chainsaw size in detailYou need to know the exact size of a chainsaw before finding the perfect one for you. You should be aware of how to measure a chainsaw size for making the right choice.

When it comes to working with a chainsaw, you should make everything count. The ideal chainsaw should be the one with the appropriate weight and length. So, you can handle it with efficiency. That is why you should know how to measure a chainsaw size.

Measuring the size of a chainsaw will help you know which size suits you the best. Thus, you can get a chainsaw of the right size in future. Though all chainsaw parts are important, the bar and chain hold prime importance. When we talk about the size of a chainsaw, we usually refer to these two.

So, let’s get to know how to measure the size of a chain, and a bar too knows the size of a chainsaw.

How to Measure Chainsaw Size? Measuring Bar and Chain Length

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar Length?

The bar is the part of the chainsaw around which the chain is wound up. It is made entirely of metal and extends outwards from the chainsaw body. You can measure the size of the bar if you are looking for a better replacement. The bar sometimes wears out after excessive use. So, you should get a new one of the exact size.

Let’s get to know how to measure the chainsaw bar.

  1. Make sure the chainsaw does not start during the measurement process. For this assurance, unplug the plug of the chainsaw. Keep the chainsaw on a completely flat surface with no extra things around. You should lie the chainsaw on the surface in a way that handles is towards the upside.
  2. Remove the top cover of your chainsaw by loosening the bolts and screws with the help of a screwdriver. You will see a circular port that has the wire of spark plugs. Pull that wire out and then measure.
  3. Now take a measuring tape and put its end at the part of the bar that enters the chainsaw body. You start measuring from that end and keep extending the tape to the front tip of the bar.
  4. When the tape reaches the end of the bar length, not down the reading on the measurement tape.
  5. You can measure without removing the top cover too. But in that case, you will have to round up the measurement.
  6. If your bar measurement is around 13.5 inches, the exact length will be around 14 inches. You can call the cutting length by other names like effective length and usable length. Normally the range of cutting length is in the range of 14 inches to 18 inches at best.
  7. But for measuring the true length, you need to remove the cover of the clutch with the help of a wrench. Once you take the cover off, measure the length of the bar after pulling it forward and releasing it from the clutch. You do not need to round about the length. Note down what you measure exactly.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Chain?

The chain of the chainsaw is a crucial part of the chainsaw. Its length is often comparable with the length of the bar. So, before buying a bar, measure the chain length so that it fits the bar perfectly. If you are unable to find the manual for finding out the length of the chain, you can measure it yourself.

But first, you need to know two things about the chain.


Chain pitch is the measurement of the distance of how many drive links of the chain are apart.


A gauge is a groove on the bar where a chain fits.

You have to measure both the gauge and pitch of the chain. Let’s find out how to measure a chain’s length;

  1. First of all, unscrew the screws to remove the cover of the clutch. Now, loosen the chain by pulling the bar towards yourself. And after this, start unlooping the chain, particularly from the clutch, as it connects the saw and the bar.
  2. The chain has metal pieces of circular shape that hold the links. These metal pieces are called rivets. Now, locate a clean and flat surface on which you must lay the chain. This makes the rivets visible.
  3. After the rivets are visible, start measuring the distance between every three rivets. Take the measuring tape and put its edge on the first rivet’s edge. Now keep pulling the tape to the end of the third rivet. Note this distance.
  4. You have to calculate the pitch by dividing the noted measurement by two. If the distance is 4 inches, the pitch would be 2 inches.
  5. To find the gauge, you have to measure how thick the drive links are. This step is done using Vernier calipers. Fix the jaws of the caliper around the drive links and note the reading by using the least count of the Vernier calipers. The average gauge is almost 0.05 inches.
  6. To find the whole length of the chain, count how many are the total drive links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to measure the exact size of the chainsaw?

You need to measure the exact size of the chainsaw because having the wrong sized parts can cause you injury or harm to the material.

What is a good size for a chainsaw?

The apt size of the chainsaw depends on the material you need to cut. But it is advised to take a chainsaw with a bar two inches longer than the length of material you need to cut.

Why do I should remove the clutch cover while taking measurements?

As the clutch covers a significant portion of the bar and the chain, you should remove it for accurate measurement.


Knowing how to measure a chainsaw size will save you a lot of time finding the best saw for your needs. All you need is to get the measurements right and save yourself from trouble.

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