Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good? Pros & Cons Explained [2024]

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electric chainsaws benefits and disadvantagesFrom ease of use to ease of maintenance, an electric chainsaw is a good option for anyone looking to get multiple jobs done at an affordable price.

But that still leaves with the question that are electric chainsaws any good?

If you ask me then, “Electric chainsaws, especially the cordless ones offer multiple advantages to the homeowners who want to maintain their yards and gardens. The corded models are also good but they require a nearby power source, which is basically a turn off for me.”

This type of chainsaw comes in two versions; corded and cordless. The focus of this article might be the corded electric chainsaws but it will also give you a glimpse into the cordless version.

Are Electric Chainsaws Good? Pros and Cons in 2024

Do you know what these types of questions call for? A pros and cons list.

Pros of an Electric Chainsaw

Easy to Use

Homeowners look for powerful yet easily deployable tools. Their main tasks involve

  • Small woodwork.
  • Trimming trees.
  • Hedge pruning.
  • Cleaning up fallen trees.

An electric chainsaw provides all that with the following features

  • Lightweight and easy to carry since they are about 10lb lighter than gas chainsaws.
  • Need an extension and push of a button to start
  • A motor that runs without a fuel refill.

Easy to Maintain

Since electric chainsaws do not run on fuel they require little maintenance.

The most maintenance you have to do is oiling the chain and charging the battery.

Power and Performance

Electric chainsaws run on electric power and they can keep running as long as they are plugged in. They require no fuel and no hassle of getting the right ratio of gas and oil.

Taking down a big oak tree might be a big task for an electric chainsaw, but with its motor features, taking down small trees and hefty branches is a task it can handle easily.


Electric chainsaws have a noise range of 10-20 decibels lighter than a gas one. That might not seem like a big difference but it makes it two times quieter.

Ear protection should still be used to avoid any unnecessary ear damage.

No Fuel Emission

Unlike gas engines or gas chainsaws, these do not emit smoke and fumes that can affect the environment.

Budget Saw

Corded electric chainsaws might be the cheapest kind of chainsaw out there. These are for the people who want to get work done on a budget. For instance, the cheapest on online marketplaces cost about $70.

Cons of an Electric Chainsaws

How can anything be perfect, right? Here are some of the cons of an electric chainsaw

Less Powerful

In contrast to a gas chainsaw, an electric one is less powerful and not for professional heavy work. Though they can run forever, it takes longer for them to cut through wood compared to a gas one.

Cord Limitation

An electric chainsaw can go as far as its cord can go. Even with an extension, it is limited to the length of the extension’s cord.

To cut at a specific location you will have to find a long enough extension that can reach there.

Dependence on Power Source

An electric chainsaw is only usable if you have a power source. Without a source to plug in, it is useless.

Are Electric Chainsaws Safer?

With its small size and lightweight design, an electric chainsaw might feel convenient and can make the user handle it without precautions. Users should be cautious of that.

Aside from that it’s certain features do make it safer like:

So to answer, is an electric chainsaw safer?

Regardless of how a chainsaw is powered, they all are dangerous to some extent. But it is a safer option compared to a gas-powered chainsaw.

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw

Gas and electric chainsaws are the same kind of tools with different operating systems made for different target audiences.

A brief comparison of both shows the clear difference between them.

Electric Chainsaws

  • Ideal for homeowners, landowners, and yard work.
  • Ideal for small jobs. Cut small trees and branches.
  • Slower cutting and less noisy.
  • Easy push button.
  • Low maintenance and little to no tuning.
  • Need a power source to plug and run.

Gas Chainsaw

  • Ideal for professional, and commercial usage.
  • Ideal for big jobs. Cut through big trees and heavy wood.
  • Great cutting power with too much noise.
  • Cord pull.
  • High maintenance.
  • Need the correct fuel mix to run properly.

For a detailed comparison, read the Gas vs Electric Chainsaw debate here!

Cordless Electric Chainsaws and Their Benefits in 2024

Also known as battery chainsaws, they are made for homeowners and lawn workers. Unlike corded chainsaws, they do not require a power source making them highly portable.

It runs for 2-3 hours depending on the size of the battery and the bar. The battery too requires a few hours to charge. You might need to keep an extra one or two batteries at hand.

Working hours might be limited for this tool but it is no doubt a lightweight and handy machine that gets the work done.

Stihl Electric Chainsaws You Can Get in 2024

Stihl is one of the top chainsaw brands which no doubt creates excellent electric chainsaws well.

This line offers limited models featuring lightweight chainsaws for trimming and cutting wood without any harmful fuel emissions.

  1. MSE 170 C-B
    • Durable with power to spare.
  2. MSE 250
    • Lightweight but for tough professional use.
  3. MSE 210 C-B
    • Cutting-edge technology.
  4. MSE 141
    • The lightest and most durable.

Here’s how the Essential Craftsman judge the electric chainsaws in this video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying an electric chainsaw?

That depends on the requirements of your task. It is a cheaper and safer option compared to gas-powered chainsaws. To make a thorough decision read this article for details on a corded chainsaw.

Do electric chainsaws have enough power?

Depends on your task. They have enough power to take down small trees but not enough for big ones.

Can an electric chainsaw cut down a tree?

Might not be a good option for big trees but it certainly can take down smaller ones.

How long will an electric chainsaw last?

In terms of work hours, it will last as long as it is plugged into the power source. In terms of shelf-life, an electric chainsaw can last 5-10 years.

Final Thoughts: Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good?

Electric chainsaws are a good choice. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, less noisy, and emit no harmful fuel. They are also lightweight, small in size, and cheap with low power consumption.

Although their range is limited to its cord size, that same cord allows it to run nonstop for hours. Electric chainsaws might take some time to cut through trees and wood compared to Gas ones but with so many other factors in favor, this one can be overlooked for lawn and yard work.

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