Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw

The debate between an electric chainsaw and a gas chainsaw is quite interesting. Both of them offer convenience on their own.

It is not an ideal scenario to boast about a particular technology without considering the usage of the other type. To deal with this electric chainsaw vs gas chainsaw debate, we dig deep into both these tools users and came up with their worthy viewpoint summaries. Let’s first talk about an electric chainsaw.

What Do We Love About An Electric Chainsaw

The most worthy point to consider with an electric chainsaw is environmental friendliness and it is easy to operate with the push-button start. You get going instantly out in the middle to get the garden and lawn nicely trimmed with the removal of unnecessary woods.

The minimum mechanical maintenance is required as the electric-powered engine requires no mixing of oil and gas. Most of the electric chainsaws offer commendable portability and the cordless ones truly unlock you to reach wherever you feel like.

With a cordless and a lightweight chainsaw, you can reach out to the branches that are at a certain inaccessible height normally. The neighborhood also continues to experience silence as electric chainsaws do not create much buzz around them.

Limitations of Electric Chainsaw

Although great product for the home lawns, you have limited cutting power. For intense thick woods, you can’t get the job done possessing an electric chainsaw. The cutting speed also remains moderate so you would require a fair bit of extra time to get the complete cleaning and trimming done effectively.

The corded ones have their own area accessibility limitations. The battery-powered chainsaws present time-bound limitations for you to operate. A battery usually gives the best motor performance for around an hour so you need to deal with the things within this time frame. So, it does remain an ideal choice for commercial and intense chainsaws usage needs.

Exploring The Potential Of A Gas Chainsaw

The gas chainsaw truly unlocks you in terms of cutting power. Large trees and branches can be easily dealt with a gas chainsaw and you can always count on them to be effective always. Extended lengths of chain bars are easily accommodated with a gas-powered chainsaw for you to truly unlock your cutting power and convenience.

The cutting speed also significantly increases as compared with an electric chainsaw. The gas and oil combustion provides commendable energy to the machine to operate and get the job done in no time. Mostly gas chainsaws are used for milling.

Also, if you have a refueling point close to you, you can enjoy limitless machine run time. Just keep the energy flowing in and work until all the work gets completed. You won’t have to halt your progress in a couple of hours. Also, gas chainsaws offer better long term viability as compared to the electric chainsaw.

Why Not A Gas Chainsaw?

The reasons for not having a gas chainsaw are also worth pondering over. You get to deal with the emission of fumes and require regular mechanical maintenance. You need to have a sound air filtration system in your gas chainsaw if you don’t want to get itchy with the emissions releases.

Also, they are certainly louder as compared to an electric chainsaw. With immense cutting power, users are also made to compromise on the weight as they are heavier and comes with high initial buying costs.

Which One To Buy?

The choice preference always depends on the type of needs a person has. This remains the same for the chainsaw and the comparison between an electric chainsaw and a gas chainsaw has been made comprehensively.

One thing is for sure that you can’t let the trees and branches to grow exponentially, an immediate schedule of regular maintenance should be started with a chainsaw as soon as possible.

Richard McMann

Richard lives out in the wild with his other half, Diana Richard. He tests chainsaws based on his personal experience and loves to share their nitty gritty details with his audience. Although Richard does focus on other home improvement tools, his focus remains on cutting fallen trees or maintaining his backyard via chainsaw tools. He pledges to come up with new knowledge about chainsaws every once in a while. Explore Details About Richard