Top 8 Best Chainsaw Scrench Tested and Reviewed

Patrick McMann


While working with a chainsaw, having the right tools and accessories is crucial. One such tool that every chainsaw user needs is a Scrench.

A scrench is a combo tool that has two purposes. It functions as both a screwdriver and a wrench. Hence, this versatile tool helps you maintain chainsaws easily. 

Over the years, I have used various chainsaw models and learned the importance of having a high-quality scrench. That’s why I decided to find the best chainsaw screnches on the market to help fellow chainsaw owners.

After rigorous testing and analysis, I have compiled a list of 8 top screnches that are available in 2024. 

So, whether you are a professional logger or a weekend warrior, a good quality scrench will help you keep your tool always in top-notch condition. 

Let’s dive into the details of these amazing scrench tools that I have handpicked just for you. 

top-rated chainsaw scrench tool tested

Top 8 Best Chainsaw Scrench Compared and Tested for 2024

1. Oregon 57-016 Chainsaw Scrench—Best Chainsaw Scrench Tool

Oregon 57-016 Chainsaw Scrench

Oregon 57-016 is a true classic. It comes in an all-metal design and provides you with the perfect functionality and ease of use. 

Regardless of which chainsaw you have, this amazing tool will help you perfectly take care of all the maintenance needs. 

A reliable and durable all-in-one tool that combines a wrench and screwdriver to provide long-lasting performance. 

You can easily replace chainsaw bars and adjust chain tension without putting in much effort. The long body design provides you with extra leverage which makes maintenance a lot easier.

This Oregon tool is made from high-quality steel that is both sturdy and durable. So, regardless of how much force you put into it, there is no chance of its breaking or bending.  

What We Like

  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • All-in-One Tool
  • Versatile Tool
  • Ideal for Chainsaws
  • Long Body Design

What We Don't Like

Why Consider Oregon 57-016?

If you are looking for a reliable tool for adjusting and maintaining your chainsaw, then you won’t find a better option than Oregon 57-016. 

2. MotBach 6 Pack Chainsaw Scrench—Best Chainsaw Scrench Bundle

MotBach 6 Pack Chainsaw Scrench

If you are looking to purchase a bundle, then you should definitely check out the MotBach 6-pack set of tools. Available in 2 sizes, 3 of each, this amazing tool is made from a heat-treated steel material that has high hardness and durability. 

The galvanized surface with thickened material and tight screwdriver end makes this tool perfect for long-term use. 

The socket can easily fit different sizes and can be used for different types of screws. The wrench mouth can easily fix and loosen round screws. 

One of the most distinguishing features of this tool is definitely its ability to withstand large external forces. The compact size allows you to easily carry the tool without taking up much space. 

If the smaller-sized option isn’t working for you, you can also use the larger scrench to get the job done. 

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Why Consider a MotBach 6-Pack Chainsaw Scrench?

For those who need a bundle of tools for maintaining their chainsaws and other equipment at home, this product offers the best quality and the best value for their money. 


3. Forester Chainsaw Wrench—Best Versatile Chainsaw Scrench 

Forester Chainsaw Wrench

This amazing 2-pack combo tool is designed for hard-to-reach places. The Forester chainsaw wrench is ideal for maintaining and adjusting your chainsaw. From a brand like Forester, which is already famous for making chainsaw pants and other accessories, this tool is already a standout among others.

The wrench helps you take care of a wide range of tasks including removing bar nuts, tank caps, spark plugs, air filter covers, and adjusting chain tensioning. 

Adding to this, the flat-blade screwdriver can help you make quick adjustments.

Moreover, this amazing tool comes in the perfect size for carrying along in a backpack or case. 

It is quite difficult to use a regular wrench on a chainsaw because of the depth of the nut, but with this tool, you will be able to make adjustments easily. 

What We Like

  • 2-pack Combo
  • Designed for Hard-to-Reach Places
  • Versatile Use
  • Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Use

What We Don't Like

  • Might not work with some chainsaw models
  • Available in Orange Color Only

Why Consider Forester Chainsaw Wrench?

Forester chainsaw scrench is designed for hard-to-reach places and comes in a perfect size for versatile application. 


4. GREPSPUD Chainsaw Scrench—Best Chainsaw Scrench with Spark Plug

GREPSPUD Chainsaw Scrench

Whether you need to adjust the nut, adjust the tightness of the chain or replace the spark plug, GREPSPUD chainsaw scrench has got you covered from every angle. 

A perfect tool that is made from high-quality steel and has a galvanized surface for corrosion resistance. 

The high-quality steel construction is both sturdy and durable. It won’t deform easily and will provide you with long-term usage. 

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Adding to this, the full-length welding and fine workmanship ensure the rigidity of the tool, not letting it break. Even the wrench socket is made of 2mm thick steel which further enhances the durability of this tool. 

Moreover, the tool comes with 3 high-quality spark plugs included. These spark plugs are designed with a no-crack design, sealing washer, metal body, and insulating ceramics. They will easily fit most 32-52cc 2-stroke engines

What We Like

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • High-Quality Weld Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Includes 3 BPMR7A Spark Plugs
  • Good Value for Money

What We Don't Like

  • Only 1 scrench is included in the package
  • Spark plugs might not be compatible with some chainsaw brands

Why Consider GREPSPUD Chainsaw Scrench?

A perfect chainsaw maintenance tool that comes with 3 spark plugs included and offers good value for your money. 


5. AILEETE Chainsaw T-Wrench—Best Chainsaw Scrench Tool Set

AILEETE Chainsaw T-Wrench

If you are looking for a complete toolset that helps you take care of every aspect of chainsaw maintenance, then the AILEETE chainsaw t-wrench tool set is the perfect choice to go with. 

This amazing toolset comes with a chainsaw scrench, a Torx screwdriver, and a conventional screwdriver. 

One of the most distinguishing features of the chainsaw scrench is the groove design which prevents it from slipping and allows you to easily rotate it to loosen or tighten the screws. 

The best part is, the toolkit is completely universal and can be used for Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna, Dolmar, Partner, Echo, Jonsered, Poulan, and many other brands. 

You can also use the toolkit for other tools as well, like a blower, strimmer, weed eater, and earth auger. 

What We Like

  • Complete Tool Set
  • Includes High-Quality Scrench
  • Torx Screwdriver enhances the functionality
  • Universal Design
  • Works on Versatile Hardware Tools

What We Don't Like

  • A bit higher price point than other products on the list
  • No spark plugs are included with the tool

Why Consider AILEETE Chainsaw T-Wrench?

For those who are looking for a complete toolkit for their chainsaws or other hardware tool maintenance, the AILEETE t-wrench toolkit is a perfect choice. 


6. Adefol 13 x 19 mm Chainsaw Wrench—Best Scrench with Bar Nuts Included

Adefol 13 x 19 mm Chainsaw Wrench

Make chainsaw maintenance a lot easier with the Adefol chainsaw wrench and screwdriver combo. This tool will help you make adjustments to your chainsaw bar and sharp chainsaw chain easily. 

It is made from premium stainless steel and has the ability to withstand large external forces. The high durability of the tool won’t let it deform easily. 

Adding to this, this tool comes with 6 bar nuts included that make your maintenance a lot more convenient. Even if you lose a couple of nuts or drop them, you will always have some as a backup. 

The company has an efficient customer support and guarantees satisfaction. They offer a full refund if the satisfaction of the customer is not met. 

The tool has a wide range of use and can be used for removing bar nuts, tank caps, spark plugs, oil filter caps, air filter covers, and adjusting chain tension. It is also very easy to use. 

Moreover, it is convenient, efficient, and safe to use. You can easily repair the chainsaw or adjust its tension, and dismantle and install screws without putting in excessive or unnecessary force. 

What We Like

  • Convenient and Easy to use
  • Versatile Functionality
  • High Durability
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • 6 Bar Nuts Included

What We Don't Like

  • Ideal for Stihl chainsaws and tools only
  • The screwdriver is sharp and can cut

Why Consider Adefol 13 x 19 mm Chainsaw Wrench?

If you have a Stihl chainsaw, then the Adefol chainsaw wrench and screwdriver combo is the perfect choice to go with. 


7. Husqvarna 531300385 Chain Saw Scrench—Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Scrench

Husqvarna 531300385 Chain Saw Scrench

If you have a Husqvarna chainsaw, especially the Rancher 460, or 435, then you should only settle for a Husqvarna scrench because it would provide the perfect compatibility. 

You can use the tool to remove bar nuts, tank caps, spark plugs, and air filter covers and also install them back. You can also use it to adjust the chain tension on the Husqvarna chainsaw easily. 

The best part is, the tool perfectly fits all of the Husqvarna chainsaws. It will make maintenance a breeze as you will be able to use a single tool to make all kinds of adjustments in the chainsaw. 

Made from high-quality durable material, this tool will not deform anytime soon and will ensure long-lasting performance. 

Also, it comes in a compact design which is easier to carry and store in your bag. 

What We Like

  • Sturdy Design
  • Compact Body
  • Easy to Carry
  • Premium Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ideal for Husqvarna Chainsaws

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t work on all spark plugs
  • The wrench depth is not suited for some chainsaw models

Why Consider Husqvarna 531300385?

Perfect for Husqvarna chainsaws and tools. You will be able to maintain them and make adjustments easily. 


8. Stihl 7010-871-0389 Chain Saw Scrench—Best Stihl Chainsaw Scrench

Stihl 7010-871-0389 Chain Saw Scrench

Last but not least, the Stihl scrench made officially by Stihl is ideally suited for Stihl chainsaws and tools. 

A genuine OEM Stihl part that comes as a 3-in-1 multi-wrench. It can be used for various purposes and is ideal for all Stihl tools. 

You have a high-quality wrench on one end and a screwdriver on the other. You can use it to remove spark plugs, and chainsaw bars and adjust chain tension easily. 

Adding to this, the tool comes in a simple design and provides you with perfect functionality where you don’t have to exert much force while adjusting the chain or nuts. 

Moreover, it has a durable design that won’t deform easily and will surely provide you with long-lasting usage. 

What We Like

  • 3-in-1 Multi Wrench 
  • Genuine OEM Stihl Part
  • Heavy Duty Tool
  • Ideal for Stihl Tools
  • Durable and Reliable

What We Don't Like

  • Compatibility is Limited to Stihl Chainsaws and Some Other Models
  • No Additional Accessories are Included with the Tool

Why Consider Stihl 7010-871-0389?

If you have a Stihl chainsaw, this scrench is the perfect choice to go with. It will make maintenance much easier and will allow you to make adjustments quickly. 


How to Select the Best Chainsaw Scrench in 2024? A Buying Guide

A chainsaw scrench is a must-have tool for any chainsaw owner as it is essential for adjusting and maintaining your tool. 

With so many options in the market, it is easy to get confused. So, I decided to write a comprehensive guide that will help you find the perfect chainsaw scrench for your needs in 2024. 

Here are some of the most important factors that are decisive in choosing the best chainsaw scrench in 2024. 

Material and Build Quality

The very first thing that you must consider when choosing a chainsaw scrench is material and build quality. 

You should look for a tool that is made from high-quality premium steel which is less likely to break or deform. 

A well-built scrench will resist corrosion and will have high-quality weld construction that will ensure long-lasting usage. 

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Size and Compatibility

Make sure that the tool you are purchasing matches the size of your chainsaw’s nuts, bolts, and screws. 

Most chainsaws come in a standard design which is 13mm and 19mm nuts and bolts. Hence, most screnches can deal with them quickly. 

However, if you have a heavy-duty chainsaw or some special brand one that comes with larger or smaller nut sizes, then you will need to get a special scrench for that. 

You should check the manufacturer’s information on the chainsaw to know which scrench is compatible with it or you can check the user manual. 

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Ergonomic Design

Another important feature that cannot be overlooked in a scrench is the ergonomic design or more specifically the grip and length of the tool. 

A larger tool will allow you to exert much less force, and a premium grip design will ensure that the tool doesn’t slip from your hand and allows you to loosen or tighten the screws and nuts easily. 

Hence, you must ensure that the tool has either rubber coating or grooved patterns that will confirm a secure grip and prevent any accidental slipping. 


Getting a multi-functional scrench offers more value for your money. You will come across various bundle packages in the above guide that provides you with better value for your spent money. 

These bundles can include a Torx wrench, hex key, nuts, or extra spark plugs for a discounted price that will increase the overall value of the package and will come in handy during maintenance. 


While going for a larger size, you must not compromise the portability or compactness of the tool. 

If the tool is not easy to store or carry around, it will only become a burden for you. Moreover, larger tools will not be supported by the onboard scrench storage inside the chainsaw toolbox. 

So, you should consider the size of the tool, especially if your chainsaw has onboard scrench storage, and not go for a too large one. 

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Brand and Warranty

Selecting a tool from a reputable brand ensures that you get good quality and also a warranty on the build quality. The warranty or money-back guarantee works for adding greater satisfaction and peace of mind. 

You will be relieved that you are investing in a quality product and won’t face any doubts or second thoughts. 


Last but not least, you should not go for extravagant choices. Look for your needs inside the scrench and as soon as they are met, you should not spend any more money. 

You can compare the prices of various tools that meet your needs and budget and then select the best one among them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scrench on a chainsaw?

A scrench is a combo tool that contains part of both a wrench and a screwdriver. Having functions of two in one, the scrench is very handy and allows you to make quick adjustments to the chainsaw and maintain it easily. 

What are the uses of a scrench?

A chainsaw scrench is used for a wide range of purposes that include removing and installing bar nuts, tank caps, spark plugs, and air filter covers. You will also use it to adjust the chain tension in the chainsaw. 

What is a metal scrench?

A metal scrench has a full-metal body that comes with high-quality construction and a durable design. It won’t break or deform easily and will ensure long-lasting usage. Professionals always recommend the one made from premium steel. 

Final Takeaways: Which is the Best Chainsaw Scrench?

Selecting the best chainsaw scrench in 2024 can be a daunting task but since it is a mandatory tool, you will have to select one. 

You can prioritize important factors that contribute most towards your needs and budget before making the final choice.

If I were to recommend one, I would definitely ask you to go with Oregon 57-016 Chainsaw Scrench. It is the most versatile tool on the list and is compatible with most chainsaw models. 

If you have a Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw, then you can choose to go with their official screnches. 

With the right scrench in hand, you can ensure that your tool is always performing at its best for the years to come. Good Luck!

Patrick McMann