Can You Cut Bamboo with a Chainsaw? 4 Simple Steps Explained

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cutting bamboo with a chainsaw in 4 simple stepsWhether you are a professional wood maker or an art enthusiast on school vacations, perfectly cut Bamboo sticks will definitely give you the best results. 

After exploring other options, such as hand saws and hacksaws that result in splinters, you must be wondering, “can you cut Bamboo with a chainsaw?” 

Well, we will dig into ‘why hand saws and hacksaws do not give you the best results every time’ in a while, but to answer the question that brought you to this blog: Yes, you can cut Bamboo with a chainsaw. 

However, it requires special tricks and techniques to cut bamboo perfectly using a chainsaw. So, are you ready to learn the secret tricks? Let’s learn together!

How to Cut Bamboo with a Chainsaw in 4 Easy Steps?

Step 1: Choose the suitable chainsaws

Chainsaws are available in various types and sizes. For cutting bamboo, you need one with sharp blades so the finish is perfect. A gas-powered chainsaw will be preferred as it has more power. You can also use a mini chainsaw or even a battery-powered chainsaw to cut bamboo without facing any problems. 

Step 2: Cut at the Right Angle

Cutting bamboo at the right angle is crucial. This will finely cut the bamboo without any splinters. 45 degrees is the best bamboo cutting angle with a chainsaw. 

Step 3: Cut into Sections

Bamboo needs to be cut into sections- how many sections? Depends on the size. 

You should start with the top of the stalk and work your way downwards. This prevents your blade from getting stuck or damaged. 

Step 4: Trust the Chainsaw

You may want to ‘help’ the chainsaw by using your strength to force through the bamboo. This will damage the bamboo, and you may not get the desired results. The best approach is to trust your chainsaw and let it do its work. 

Additional Tips for Cutting Bamboo 

Use a Tape

You can use duct tape and wrap it around bamboo sticks. This will prevent the sap or debris between the sticks from flying out. It will also keep the bamboo sticks in place, resulting in a fine cut. 

Use a Sharp Blade

A dull blade will not only make it difficult for you to get through the tough exterior, but it will also result in a rough cut. Always sharpen the blade with a chainsaw sharpener after every use for optimal results. 

Ensure the Bamboo is Dry

A wet or damp bamboo will give you a tough time being cut. Bamboo absorbs and retains a lot of water. Even if it is dry from the outside, there are chances that it is damp from the hollow part. For best results, completely dry the bamboo in the sun. 

Precautions for Bamboo Cutting with a Chainsaw

Best Tools for Cutting Bamboo Except Chainsaw

When it comes to cutting bamboo, all you need is a sharp blade to finely cut the bamboo without any splinters. This blade can be in any form, be it a hand saw, hacksaw, chainsaw, or simply a pruning saw. 

A chainsaw would be the perfect tool for cutting bamboo as it works on external power. Thus, it requires minimal input from you. 

However, the next best thing to a chainsaw would be a hand saw

A hand saw is a manual tool and will work only if you have a smaller stack of bamboo sticks. Yes, you do get the control to set the angle and shape bamboo according to your liking. But it is a lot of hard work. 

Hacksaw is another option. Though it was originally made to cut metal, it does wonders when cutting bamboo. The tool is finely-toothed, so you get finely cut bamboo every time. 

Preparing Bamboo for Cutting

To get the perfect results, one should prepare the bamboo for cutting beforehand.

  • Remove the unwanted branches from the standing or fallen tree. It should be done horizontally from the ground up to prevent leaving any unwanted stubs. 
  • Use a black marker to mark where you will cut exactly. 
  • Leave the freshly cut bamboo in the sun for a while so that the sticks are not wet or damp from the outside or inside. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut bamboo with a chainsaw?

Cutting bamboo with a chainsaw yields perfect results every time. However, it is crucial that you follow the above-mentioned steps in the true essence. Not to forget that while handling a chainsaw, you must take safety precautions to prevent any accident. 

What is the best tool to cut down bamboo?

There are various tools available for cutting down bamboo. However, a chainsaw is the best among them. This is because the chainsaw has sharp blades and easily cuts down the tough exterior. As it is not a manual saw, it gives perfect results every time. 

How do you cut a piece of bamboo?

The most important step is to choose the right equipment to cut down bamboo. To prevent the stack of bamboo from snapping, always wrap tape around it so it stays in place. While cutting, you should stay calm and steady to avoid any mishaps. 

What is the easiest way to cut bamboo? 

A hand saw is the easiest (not the best) way to cut bamboo. Why? Because you can cut at the angle of your choice, and sharpening the blade isn’t much of a task either. The only downside is it involves physical strength. 

Concluding Note

Bamboo has been used for multiple purposes for ages. People create beautiful masterpieces using this God’s gift. Be it furniture, culinary or construction, bamboo has always been people’s favorite. However, bamboo is not much of use unless you cut it properly. This blog entails everything you need to know to use chainsaws for the fastest and most efficient results while cutting bamboo. 

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