How to Get a Chainsaw Unstuck from Wood in 3 Easy Steps?

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chainsaw unstuck techniquesUtilizing the chainsaw is all good and dandy, but when it gets stuck, whoops! – that’s when the real trouble comes in!

Since you are here to learn how to get a chainsaw unstuck’, allow me to get this out in the open for you:

“You can free a chainsaw by relieving it of the tension and pressure that the tree is putting on it using tools like a crowbar or felling wedge.”

Hold on though! What if your chainsaw gets trapped in a tree that isn’t standing but is lying down instead?

Well, whether it’s from a tree that is standing, lying on the ground, or from firewood, I have all the different methods for you to efficiently get your chainsaw unstuck.

Give this article a good read, and I’m confident you’ll be back to chopping wood, with the same chainsaw that’s currently stuck, in no time!

Jump on it, shall we?

How to Get a Chainsaw Unstuck From a Standing Tree?

A chainsaw stuck in standing tree can be troublesome, and this happens when it is not handled properly.

You must be aware of several chainsaw unstuck techniques, such as pushing the tree, using a hammer, or pulling the chainsaw out with a rope.

Pushing the Tree

Pushing the tree in the opposite direction of where your gas chainsaw is stuck will assist you to get the chainsaw out. Although it may require some extra force, it will surely do the task without the use of any equipment.

Using a Hammer

A hammer can be used in two ways. First, if you can’t push the tree, you can use a hammer to drill wedges into it, causing it to tilt the opposite way.

The second method is to loosen the chain by striking the hammer against the chainsaw’s blade. The chainsaw chain line stuck can be removed first, followed by the electric chainsaw itself.

Pulling With a Rope

You can pull the tree from the ground with a few other individuals by tying the rope to the tree’s top part. One of the people can remove the chainsaw that is stuck once the other side has been lifted.

This method may be risky, but if you’re willing to take chances, it will be worth it as it will get the job done.

You will need to contact a professional tree service if there is a concern that none of the techniques will work or will not be suited for you.

What to Do With a Chainsaw Getting Stuck While Cutting Tree on the Ground

You might be wondering if getting a chainsaw out of a tree on the ground is any different than getting one out of a standing tree.

It certainly is. I’ll explain how to get a chainsaw unstuck from the tree on the ground.

Since the tree is on the ground and has been cut into a relatively smaller piece, you won’t have to exert much effort to free the battery chainsaw.

To lift the tree up, all you will need to do is use the tools to make an opening in the tree and then set a log underneath to act as leverage.

You can easily get the chainsaw out once the cut has been made and the tree has been lifted from where it got stuck.

How to Free a Chainsaw Stuck in Firewood?

Chainsaw getting stuck while cutting firewood? Oh, how frustrating. Not to worry, though!

You may use the same technique to free the chainsaw as you would if it were stuck in a tree on the ground.

I do, however, have another pretty simple method for you to get it out.

If you have a felling wedge, the issue is already resolved. However, in the event that you don’t, you’ll require an ax and a hammer that you can use as a felling wedge.

Follow these steps:

  • Use a hammer to drive the ax into the gap where the chainsaw is stuck.
  • Create a separation and enough of an opening to remove the chainsaw.
  • Gently yank the chainsaw out.
  • Now, strike the ax with the hammer from the other side of where it is stuck in the firewood.
  • Get the ax out.
  • And that’s it!

Weren’t those the easiest steps to free a chainsaw?

What Not to Do When Trying to Get the Chainsaw Unstuck?

It is inconvenient, but a chainsaw becoming stuck is a common incident. Therefore, remaining calm and avoiding panic would be the first thing you would want to do.

  • Make sure not to pull the stuck chainsaw out hastily without a plan.

Here are a few things to bear in mind as you attempt to free the stuck chainsaw.

  • While the engine is still running, do not shake your chainsaw to get it out.

The reason for this is that it could cause damage to the chainsaw, as well as ruin the wood, and cause dangerous injury to oneself.

  • Do not attempt to free the stuck chainsaw without the proper tools.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to take safety precautions such as wearing gloves, work boots, helmet, and goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do if a Chainsaw Locks Up?

It is the chainsaw’s safety function that locks the chain, which you can unlock by pulling the handle back. If it still doesn’t work, the problem is in the components, and you must get it checked.

How Do You Unfold a Chainsaw Chain?

Make all of the loop knots in the chain face the same direction, i.e. downwards, then pull the top chain of the loops up to bring it over the loop knots, and ta-da! You’ve unfolded or untangled your chain!

Why Do Chainsaws Get Stuck?

The most common cause of chainsaws getting stuck is a loose chainsaw chain that can drop off the chainsaw bar and get stuck. But there’s no denying that there may be other reasons.

What Causes a Chainsaw to Vapor Lock?

Excessive heat from the engine is what causes the chainsaw to vapor lock; moreover, the outside temperature may even cause the fuel to vaporize resulting in a vapor lock.

Why Is It So Hard to Pull the Cord on My Chainsaw?

The possibility exists that the chain was fitted incorrectly, causing pressure to build up, the pulley to become stuck, the chain to become pretty tight, and the cord to be difficult to pull as a result. You can replace a pull cord if that’s the case.

How Do You Reset a Chainsaw?

Turn the drive link clockwise until you can’t go any further. That’s all there is to it! Set everything back in the chainsaw properly, and continue cutting wood.

Final Takeaways

While it is certainly infuriating to have a chainsaw get stuck while you are working, it is not terribly difficult to free it.

While attempting to get it unstuck, take into consideration that you must get it out safely without harming either the tree or the chainsaw.

I truly hope that this guide was a big help to you and, now that you know how to get it unstuck, you can start working right away.

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