How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain Be? Guidelines and Tips

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chainsaw chain tightening basicsIf you are dealing with cutting tasks every day in and out, then you might have this question that how tight should a chainsaw chain be?

Although it depends upon the type of wood you cut as well as the type of chainsaw you use, it’s important to know why you need proper tightness in a chainsaw.

This guide will help you go through all those answers regarding chainsaw tightness.

But before we move ahead;

First, let me tell you how important it is to have a perfectly fitted chainsaw chain:

How Important It is to Have a Perfectly Fitted Chainsaw Chain?

Loose Chainsaw Chain:

If your chain is too loose then there is a huge possibility of the chain being slipped from the chainsaw. You can imagine what can happen after it slips. It can cut your hand, arm, face, or any other body part. It is really dangerous!

Now let’s move forward to let you know how to recognize loose chainsaw chains. It is one of the major questions that what is considered to be “loose”

Grab the chain and pull it outward. If the chain is not tight enough to stick with the chainsaw lining then it is the sign. This indicates that your chain needs to be tightened. Hold the screws and start operating in it! If you don’t do it, the chainsaw can easily get stuck in wood and cause problems.

Tightness of a Chainsaw Chain:

Now, what if the chainsaw chain is too tight? It will definitely result in harming the motor.

Therefore, to avoid any kind of damage one should know about the perfect tightening of a chainsaw. Don’t worry it is really easy and takes few minutes to perfectly tight a chainsaw chain.

Now arises the question of how tight the chainsaw chain should be? The answer is simple. Again hold the chain and try to pull it outward. It should not be so tight that it does not show even a slight outward movement.

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There should be a little space when you try to pull it. the space should be so small that the chain should not leave the drive links.

Therefore, the proper chainsaw chain tension is the point where the chain neither leaves the drive links nor it is too tight.

How Tight a Husqvarna Chain Should Be?

Husqvarna Chain should be tight enough to stay on the link drives and it should not leave the links when pulled. Moreover, do not forget to leave the capacity of a slight movement of the chain of the link drive.

Here are two more signs that can surely help you in determining the perfect tension of a Husqvarna chainsaw chain.

The first method is that, when you finish tightening the chain, stretch it outward by pulling and then release it. If the chain goes back to a position other than its original position, from where you stretched it, it needs to tightened.

Turn a bit more and check again. keep tightening the chain slightly and each time checking for it until the chain come back to the position from where it was released. Got the position? the chain came back to the same position? good job! You tuned it perfectly.

This is the one way of knowing whether you have perfectly tightened your chain on a chainsaw or not. However, it was the test for lose chain. How you will get to know if it is too tight?

Don’t you worry, there is also a technical point that I am going to share with you. This method will let you know if your chain is too tight or perfect.

So, look for the tension screw. You will find it near the base. Found it? Great! Try adjusting the chain until the chain is not stuck on the drive and you can move it slightly outward with your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I know if my chainsaw chain is tight enough?

Checking for the perfect tightness of a chainsaw is quite easy. You can check it by using your fingers. Just grab the chain, pull it as far as you can and then release it. After release, it gets back to the original position then, it is tight enough. If not, it means it needs to be tightened a bit more.

2. Can you over-tighten a chainsaw chain?

Trying to tight a chainsaw chain by applying a bit more force and thinking that you are making it perfect? You are absolutely doing wrong. The reason is that chainsaw chains become flexible when they become old.

However, a new chain also has some flexibility. But the main question is that they can be over-tightened. And by doing so, you are actually destroying both the chain and the chainsaw.

3. How much tension should be on a chainsaw chain?

There should be proper tension on a chainsaw chain that is neither too tight nor loose. You can keep checking the tension while tightening a chain. If the chain is not pulling out more than one or two loops then it is the sign.

The other way is to check if it gets back to the same position before pulling and after getting back. If so, then it is the perfect tension that should be given to a chainsaw chain.

4. How tight should a chain be on a Stihl Chainsaw?

Stihl is known to be one of the best Chainsaw brands. The chain should not leave the link drives of a Stihl Chainsaw. This is one of the common representations of the tightness of a Stihl Chainsaw.

Final Takeaways: How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain Be?

All these methods are highly working and real. By using these tricks you do not need to worry about risk. These tips will guide you regarding the tightness of a chainsaw chain. I hope this article is helpful concerning the perfect tightening of your chainsaw chain.

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