How To Put a Chain Back On Chainsaw? A Beginner’s Guide [2024]

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putting a chain back on chainsawImagine working so hard being intensely focused; everything is running smoothly and right in the middle of your work, Bang!

The saw gets jammed, and the chain gets out of the place. Isn’t it enough to annoy the heck out of you, right?

And the more disturbing thing is when you have to pause your work and call a mechanic every time because you have no idea how to put a chain back on chainsaw.

But why suffer when you can do all of this on your own? If you came here thinking the same thing, you just made the right decision!

Chainsaws are of different types so are their mechanisms. We have covered everything in this article, no matter what kind of chainsaw you seek to repair. So, let’s get straight into it!

How to Put a Chain Back on Chainsaw in Easy Steps?

Place your chainsaw to a suitable surface and assemble all the required tools, have a look at these basic steps, and get ready to deal with the chain that is off its place.

  • Disconnect the power source and loosen the two bolts holding the guide bar.
  • Unscrew the chain tensioner and remove the chain.
  • Before putting on the new chain, check out its direction, make sure that the teeth face the front of the guide bar, and place the chain properly.
  • Put the chainsaw cover back while holding the chain in one hand and the guide bar in the other.
  • Tighten the tension screws with a flat screwdriver and move it forward and backward to keep up the pace.
  • Wear gloves while you do all that to keep yourself away from an injury while putting the chain back.

How to Put a Chain Back on an Electric Chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws including the battery saws require intermittent replacements every once in a while. To get through this process smoothly, the following steps would be necessary.

  • The first step is all about getting the old chain off the saw. To do this, you have to loosen the cutting bar that is holding the chain. There would be a knob on the right side of tool-free chainsaws that you have to turn, and in case chainsaws require tools, you’ll have to deal with nuts and bolts nearby chainsaws.
  • The next step is de-tensioning the chain to slack the entire chain off the cutting bar. Look for knobs near the cutting bar, and after turning them, you can get the whole chain off.
  • This step is all about putting the chain back on the chainsaw. Choose the suitable chain, note the direction, and ensure that teeth are sharp enough to stay fitted ideally. Put it over the sprocket and keep it parallel to the cutting bar.
  • Keep an eye on lugs if they are aligned correctly.
  • Keep on tensioning the cutting bar for the time being to reach the correct tension point.
  • Fasten the chain with the knobs and try moving it forward and backward to ensure reliability.

How to Put a Chain Back on Husqvarna Chainsaw?

Before everything, Plug off the Husqvarna chainsaw to prevent any sudden start-ups. Break the connection between the handle and chain brake with the handguard.

Loosen the nuts engaged with the clutch cover with a socket wrench or combination spanner.

  • Remove the clutch cover along with a transportation ring holding a bolt inside.
  • Put the chain out of the groove around the edge of the guide bar, detach it from the socket.
  • Clean the sprocket if needed. Also, cleaning the oil ports with a finish nail or 14 gauge wire would work and put the bar back on the bolt.
  • Start the fitting of the new chain from the top of the sprocket while passing through the edge of the bar ending right at the bottom of the sprocket. Keep the rims of cutting links facing forward.
  • Reinstate the clutch cover and fasten the nuts.

How to Put a Chain Back on Stihl Chainsaw?

  • Put off the Stihl saw and disengage the chain brake.
  • Loosen the nuts holding the sprocket cover in an anti-clockwise direction until the guide bar starts wagging.
  • Tighten the tension screw that is usually placed outside the guide bar on the lower and upper sides of the sprocket cover clockwise.
  • Keep tensioning the chain until it is secured on the bottom of the guide bar.
  • Keep moving the slight bar to the upper while tightening the nuts on the sprocket cover.
  • Test the tension of the chain and make sure that it is moving smoothly.

How to put a Chain Back on a Ryobi Chainsaw?

A Ryobi chainsaw such as the 40V and the P5456 model doesn’t require that much hassle. You have to loosen those two nuts holding the chain cover.

  • Once it gets loosened, Fix the chain back to the grooves gradually, keeping in mind the right direction, and position the chain accordingly.
  • Take a screwdriver or flat blade nature and turn the slot present next to the chain’s base.
  • While putting chain back on the chainsaw, make sure that it is not too tightened nor too loose to keep up smoothly with the pace.
  • Now the chain is tightened, fasten the nuts and continue with your work.

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How to put a Chain Back on Homelite Chainsaw? 

Homelite chainsaws don’t make a huge fuss and are already designed to be handled precisely by house owners that require regular maintenance.

  • Detach chainsaw from any power source to prevent unexpected accidents.
  • Flatten the chain and mold it in the form of a loop so that cutters are facing the direction of rotation.
  • Fix the drive links into the grooves seated on the bar.
  • Make the loop to get fitted around the sprocket.
  • After placing the bar flush around the mounting surface.
  • Adjust the bar studs on a long slit on the bar. The tension pit should already be in a pinhole.
  • Replace the lock knob of the chain cover and then place it onto the unit.
  • Tighten the tension knob clockwise to adjust the chain ideally.
  • Before securing the chain cover knob, make sure that there is no slack left anymore to avoid any other glitches.

How to Put a Chain Back on Craftsman Chainsaw?

Being a heavy-duty chainsaw, putting the chain back on Craftsman saw might feel a little trickier than others, but you can accomplish it by following the steps below:

  • Place the chainsaw on a level surface and disengage the brake by pulling the chain brake lever toward the saw handle.
  • Unlatch the nuts holding the brake cover and make the chain turn freely
  • Remove the guide bar plate together with the brake cover, detach the chain from the sprocket.
  • Turn the tension nuts counterclockwise with the flat head screwdriver to loosen the grip.
  • Pin the replacement chain around the sprocket and slide the guide bar over the two bolts
  • Place the drive links onto the respective grooves while rotating the sprocket clockwise.
  • Make sure that cutting edges present on drive links are facing the nose.
  • Place the guide bar and chain cover back to their original position, give clockwise turns to tension to tighten the chain, and progress your work.
  • Keep the fuel lines of the chainsaw away from any disturbance.

Final Takeaways:

After a few trials, you would become a pro in putting the chain back on chainsaw, and then you won’t have to look for a mechanic every now and then. Doing repairs on your own not only saves you time but also saves your maintenance cost, so do give it a try and get free of these side worries.

Happy working 🙂

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