How to Put Chain Back On a Worx Chainsaw in 2024?

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When it comes to cordless and battery-powered chainsaws, Worx delivers exceptional performance while keeping durability and longevity in mind.

However, as well know that problems with chainsaws are common, and the same could happen to your Worx tool.

Today, I am going to address one of the problems many homeowners face, i.e. how to put chain back on a Worx chainsaw.

“You’d be needing some primary equipment such as a brush, protection gloves, and some tightening tools to get started with the process.”

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How to Put Chain Back on a Worx Chainsaw in 2024? The Basics

Equipment You Will Need putting chain back on a Worx chainsaw

I am not going to mention a long list of equipment here as I told you putting back a chain is super easy.

You need to have a brush for cleaning the parts of the chain where there is debris gummed up.

You can also use some soap or water for the cleaning if you are not having a brush.

Other than this, you a clean cloth for cleaning or drying the parts of your Worx chainsaw.

The chainsaw chain has sharp blades so, if you are having safety gloves then it will be good to wear them while putting the chain back.

Just to be on the safe side safety and precautionary measures are necessary to be taken.

Process of Putting the Chain Back on Worx Chainsaw

Take your chainsaw and chain, and place them in a clean and dry place. Now, you will see the tightening knob on your Worx 14 chainsaw, got it? Good. Start moving it in an anti-clockwise direction and open the screw.

As soon as you open the screw of the tightening bar, the whole outer casing of the chainsaw will pop up. Take out the casing and separate the chain from the bar.

Lots of wood pieces, leaves, and other waste would be gummed up inside your chainsaw. Washing or cleaning it off is really important or else your chainsaw chain will get off from the chainsaw bar quickly.

Let’s quickly clean it up and reach the next step of putting the chain back on the bar.

Cleaning/Washing the Worx Chainsaw

If you are choosing to clean the parts with a brush and cloth then first clean it with the brush and then wipe the areas with a piece of cloth. But if the parts are too dirty, then you need to wash them with soap water.

It is better not to wash the metal part with soap and just wash the outer casing that is made of plastic, with soap and water. However, washing does not hurt as long as you clean and dry it up quickly and oil it.

So, after washing the parts, dry them with a clean piece of cloth. The next step is putting the chain back on a Worx 40v chainsaw.

Putting the Chain Back on Tool

Place the chainsaw bar on a clean and dry surface and then assemble the chain over it. The wheel rotates in the clockwise direction so make sure that the teeth of the chain are on the right side and grooves on the left.

Then, Place the bar over the wheel and settle the teeth and groves of the chain from the wheel side. Let the chain remain loose from the other edge of the bar.

Put the tightening knob/casing on the chainsaw, and start tightening the chain. keep settling the chain over the bar as you are tightening the knob and chain over the bar.

The chain should not be too loose or too tight over the bar. If you can pull the chain more than half an inch from the bar, it is too loose. So, it should be less than a half inch and your chain tension is perfect now.

Oiling the parts:

Before starting your chainsaw, you need to lubricate it with the self-oiling system in your chainsaw.

If you have cleaned the casing cover and inside metal over which the chain rolls, you might not need to lubricate the parts much. But if you are washing the parts with soap and water you must lubricate them properly.

You will be having a self-oiler in your Worx chainsaw. Just give two to three pushes and here you have got the complete answer to how to put the chain back on a Worx chainsaw.

Your chainsaw is ready to cut for 10 to 12 hours now.

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Why Worx Chainsaw Chain slips off From the Bar Frequently?

One reason for the frequent slipping of the Worx chain from the bar is the worn-out chainsaw bar. If this is the case, then you may need to replace the bar or you can try removing the burr from the chainsaw bar.

The other reason could be worn-out sprockets. You can clean them often or replace them. They do not cost much so changing sprockets will be better.

Another major reason could be the tension of the chain. If your chainsaw chain is too loose over the bar, it is likely to take off from the bar often. Setting proper chain tension is of keen importance as it can cause huge problems.

The chain should neither pull the drive links out of the bar nose nor it should rise more than half an inch from the bar when pulled. If your chain is set at this point, the tension is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I put the chain back on my Worx Chainsaw?

For putting the chain back on the Worx chainsaw, you need to remove the chain by loosening the tension screw. Remove the outer covering and clean the wheel and the covering.

Then, thread the chain over the saw and align it with the bar. Keep the teeth and groves in place and keep tightening the tension screw until the chain is set over the chainsaw. Do not forget to lubricate the chain and the saw before use.

Why does the chain slip from the chainsaw bar frequently?

There could be multiple reasons for frequent chain slips from the chainsaw bar. One possible reason is a worn-out chain or worn-out chainsaw bar. Both of these cause chain slips.

Another common reason could be imperfect chain tension. If your chain tension is too loose, there are high chances for chain slips. Also, worn-out sprockets may cause chain slips.

Which way do you put a chain on a chainsaw?

The wheel over which the chain is placed rotates in the clockwise direction. Therefore, the chain should be placed in a way that the teeth are on the right and grooves on the left side. Or the teeth should be facing the chainsaw and grooves in the opposite direction.

What would be the perfect tension to set for the Worx chainsaw chain?

The perfect tension for the chainsaw chain is that it is neither too tight nor too loose. If the chain is loose, it will take off from the chainsaw bar and if it is too tight, it will damage the engine.

Therefore, check the tension of the chain by pulling it outward. If the chain leaves the bar less than half an inch and it moves a little outward but does not leave the grooves, it is perfect tension.

Conclusion: How to Put Chain Back on a Worx Chainsaw?

So, it was all about how to put the chain back on a Worx chainsaw. I have told you all the equipment that you will need for putting the chain back on the bar.

Also, I told you about the reasons that cause the chain to slip off from the bar frequently. You should be careful about these aspects as a slipping chain can cause serious issues.

Moreover, do not forget about the precautions and wear safety gloves as well as safety pants while setting the chain over the bar as it has sharp blades. You should also be careful while cleaning and washing the chain. Do not forget to lubricate your chain before starting the chainsaw.

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