How To Make A Chainsaw Winch in 10 Easy Steps [2024]

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how to make chainsaw winch in simple and easy stepsWell, of course, you can always buy a chainsaw winch, but why spend the money when you can make it with the help of an old chainsaw?

Yeah, you heard that right! In case you are wondering how to make a chainsaw winch, I am here to help you out.

“A chainsaw winch can be made with the help of an old chainsaw. Utilizing its engine and with proper supplies, you can save yourself a hell lot of money and create a powerful winch.”

Let’s take a look at how I carve out a winch out of the blue:

Supplies You Will Need to Make Chainsaw Winch in 2024

Collect Things You Need for Making a Chainsaw Winch:

For making a chainsaw winch, you need to have a chainsaw whose engine you will be using. Then you will need a pulley, which is required for pulling the weight. A rope or a wire that you will need to make a pulley for weight carrying.

Apart from these objects, you need to have a shaft, flat iron, capstan, channel, and angles. These things are needed fo

r making a winch. Remember, the home use chainsaw is used only for the automatic working of the winch.

Where to Get Materials for making a Chainsaw Winch?

As far as the question of obtaining these objects is concerned, you can get them from a scrap shop. However, if you have a budget and want to work efficiently with new equipment, you can buy it from an online marketplace such as Amazon.

Check Working of Chainsaw Engine:

If you are making a chainsaw winch, a chainsaw is the most important piece of equipment. So, before you start working on making a winch, check your 16″ chainsaw engine.

You can check the performance of the engine by starting the chainsaw. Then, check if it is not heating and it is not making abnormal noise. Also, you will get an idea of the performance of a chainsaw by looking at its rotation speed and smoothness.

Done with the inspection? Now let’s move towards the actual construction phase as follows:

How to Make Chainsaw Winch in 10 Easy Steps?

Step 1:

 The first step in making a homemade DIY winch is to remove the chain from the chainsaw. It is because we have to replace the bar with the winch.

How to remove the bar and chain from the chainsaw? You can check your user guide manual for this. In case, you do not have the manual, no worries, just Google it along with the model of your chainsaw and you will get it.

Step 2:

It’s time for rolling a rope or the wire over the pulley. For this, the best option is stainless steel wire as it is durable. However, rope and other such objects can work but they are not that efficient.

Warning: It’s important to wear protection gloves to keep your hands at the safe side while making a winch!

Step 3:

Now make the base of the winch. For that, you need to combine and attach angles, flat iron, and flat channels. After joining all these parts, your base will be ready. The following steps will guide you regarding how you can join them.

Step 4:

Take the gearbox and remove the tail shaft housing from it. Then, you will find a rubber there. Locate the inner rubber tube and cut it similar to the size of that of the rear plate of the box.

Step 5:

Once you are done with cutting the rubber, now make holes in the rubber so that you can insert bolts and then attach the gearbox to the main shaft.

Step 6:

The next step is to wield channels. For that, you need to cut the thick U‒shaped channel into the pieces. The size of pieces should not be smaller than 3”х10”х3”.

In case you do cannot wield for any reason, you can take services from a welding shop. It does not cost you more or maybe you will get it done for free.

Step 7:

After you are done with the base making, it’s time to set up the transmission. You need to connect the transmission with the main shaft. You will do it by drilling holes in the metal plates. Then, you will join drum brackets and crankshaft with the metal plates.

Step 8:

Now, fix the handle of the winch. Your handle should be comfortable and long enough to make it easy to use.

Step 9:

Make holes in the crank and weld the joints of the crank. Here you are done with the winch making. Just 1 step away from making a self-made winch. Feeling excited? Let’s complete it.

Step 10:

Connect the prepared with the chainsaw in place of the bar. And you are done. The feeling is awesome, right? Yes, one should be happy with the creative work and money saving.

That’s it! I know these steps are a bit complicated that’s why I’m attaching a video tutorial too for you to follow it more diligently:

How to use a Chainsaw Winch in 2024? The Dos and Don’ts

This should not end here. I feel it necessary to tell you some important information regarding its use. A homemade winch is good for moving wood logs and could be used for other forestry-related works.

However, you must be careful about the weight that you are putting on your winch. If your chainsaw is having a 5 to 6-horsepower motor then you can easily pull 3‒4000 lbs.

While in case of having a good winch or along with the same power of chainsaw, you can pull up to 6000 lbs. However, the normal weight for a homemade winch is up to 5000 lbs.

Moreover, the carrying capacity is different for 3, 5, 6, and 7HP chainsaws. Do check their power and lift load accordingly.

Last Words: How to Make a Chainsaw Winch in 2024

So, here I am done with giving you all the necessary information regarding the making of a self-made winch. I hope you will find these 10 steps easy and simple.

Furthermore, do check for professional help and guidance with you are new to these things. This is my personal suggestion for you that is also required for safety purposes.

Please keep in mind that lifting a lower weight is always suitable. Your chainsaw may be having the power to lift 6000 lbs. according to calculations but 5000 lbs. will be good to lift. This is just for the safety purpose as a precautionary measure.

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