6 Best Cordless Chainsaw Reviews of 2022 – Our Top Picks

The evolution of chainsaws since 1830 has reached up to the battery-powered ones.

This has been an amazing journey and wood cutting has never been so convenient and easy on the eyes.

In fact, the best cordless chainsaw truly unlocks your potential and presents remarkable hassle-free experience while dealing with decent wood thickness.

It means, with the cordless chainsaw, you don’t have to operate near the power input point. Neither you need to deal with the gas power source or get an electric connection in the middle of the field where the need for a chainsaw to reach is most.

High capacity lithium storage cells have sorted out this problem quite well and you need to just get them fully charged before going out in the middle.

Cutting right to the chase, we have already tested dozens of cordless electric chainsaws available in the market and have found the top 6 options that would fulfill the demands of every household easily.

Have a look at the comparison of these electric cordless chainsaws as follows:

Top 6 Best Cordless Chainsaw Options Compared in 2022: Budget Picks

Power Source
Bar Length
1. Greenworks 40V (20292) [Editor's Pick]
6 lbs
2. BLACK+DECKER LCS 1240 [Runner Up]
10.4 lbs
3. Greenworks G-MAX (20312) [Best Budget Pick]
10.36 lbs
7.2 lbs
5. Snapper XD 82V MAX
15.54 lbs
6. Stihl MSA 120 C-B
8.2 lbs

Before jumping into the “Review Section”, take a look at some necessary features that would help you decide on a reliable option easily:

Features To Look For Before Choosing the Best Cordless Chainsaw

Buying a cordless chainsaw is not much of a problem. You need to keep in mind a certain set of features and your requirements in your head before evaluating any chainsaw model. We’ve covered quite important aspects that you must look into before deciding to buy any one of them.

Chain bar length

Once we’ve decided that a battery-powered chainsaw is to be purchased, next you need to decide upon the chain bar length that you need to have. It will be directly impacting the scope of your wood cutting. Whether you want to deal with large trees and thick woods or just play around with firewood, get a sophisticated sized bar length chainsaw to have maximum utility.

Each of the chainsaws describes their bar length. You need to have a longer length than the wood lengths you intend to deal with. It would help you to operate with better safety and prevent any mechanical kickback towards you.

Battery Performance

At least get a one hour time of chainsaw operation without the power getting diminished. A powerful hour session is enough to deal with fair-sized gardens and lawns. You can look for longer battery performance or own multiple batteries if you think you would be spending more time outside than normally others spend.

Also, it should not take ages to get your cordless chainsaw charged. Around 20-30 minutes of charging should do well for an hour operation. You need to evaluate both the charging time and battery run time so you remain aware of how much time you can spend out there in the middle.

Cuts Per Charge

This feature is related to motor performance. Cuts per charge mean how many blows you can deliver before the battery dies out. The motor needs to support good battery performance and effectively get the chain bar going. You may have less power on offer with the cordless chainsaws but you need to make sure that it still runs efficiently and effectively in the given power range.

Convenience Features

It is all about convenience with this type of chainsaw. You must look to have an automatic oiling system that will lead to minimum human interference for maintenance needs. You just need to keep a check on oil levels and it will automatically keep the machine parts lubricated like chain bar.

Secondly, you don’t need to own a separate tool for getting the chain tensions adjusted while operating. This will waste a great deal of time as frequent adjustments are to be made. A toolless adjustment knob does the job perfectly without causing much effort. Almost all of the battery-powered chainsaws come with an automatic oiling system and tool-less chain tensioning adjustment system so you better make sure to have these features.

Now let’s look at the best possible cordless chainsaws that you can buy for yourself. We’ll be discussing their features in brief and what advantages and disadvantages they bring to the table.

1. Greenworks 40V (20292) – Overall The Best Cordless Chainsaw of 2022

Greenworks 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks is recognized as a pioneer in chainsaws manufacturing and they have always topped the charts due to their environmental friendliness. This Greenworks chainsaw produces quite less noise and remains smooth to operate throughout its usage.

40 V lithium batteries deliver superb performance and no fading occurs as the battery discharges and even no memory loss occurs after charging. High performance is maintained throughout and you get up to 75 cuts delivered with a single charge.

A 12-inch steel chain bar delivers robust cutting performance and fairly small size offers better flexibility in maneuvering positions. The user convenience is provided with a tool-less chain tensioning adjustment knob so you can remain proactive out in the middle.

This cordless chainsaw also comes with an automatic oiler so you don’t have to hassle much about its maintenance. Just keep a check on oil levels through the translucent oil tank and you are always good to go. A wrap-around handle provides the users the flexibility to try out different cutting positions.


  • Super effective battery performance
  • Translucent oil tank to keep a check on the oil level
  • Extremely lightweight cordless chainsaw
  • Capabilities enhanced with a 3/8-inch chain pitch


Bottom Line

Buying a Greenworks chainsaw is always a viable option. You put your surroundings not much in trouble due to its environmental friendliness. The commanding power you get with a single charge is quite commendable and you won’t be worrying about the maintenance too much also. Within moderate budget, you can surely count on this one to do the job for you.


2. BLACK+DECKER LCS 1240 – Powerful Cordless Chainsaw

cordless chainsaw reviews

Black+Decker amaze their customers with commendable cutting performance and battery timings. A 12 inches premium steel bar delivers quite remarkable cuts and you can conveniently deal with pruning branches and fallen limbs. The cuts you are able to make with this cordless chainsaw remain fast and smooth.

It offers 5 times better battery performance than the regular 40 V lithium batteries. With such long runtimes, you are able to get the job done even if you are going out there in the middle after quite a time. Battery charging can be simply monitored with the green led flashlight.

You have remarkable maneuverability due to lightweight features and overall design makes it quite comfortable to carry around. No tools are required for chain tensioning adjustment and it remains super convenient to continue the work out in the middle.

This Black+Decker cordless chainsaw also features an automatic chain oiling system so you have got hassle-free maintenance. Constant lubrication is ensured so that you can have a better overall mechanical life of the product. The chainsaw comes fully charged when delivered so you can get going immediately to do the wood cutting.


  • Enhanced Battery Life Performance
  • Long term viable cordless chainsaw
  • Great maneuverability and lightweight machine
  • Smooth and fast cuts delivered


  • Not suitable for large-sized woods

Bottom Line

When you require extra run time without compromise on power delivery then this Black+Decker chainsaw delivers expected performance levels. It remains viable for long terms and you don’t have to get into much of the maintenance with an automatic oiling system and tool-less chain tensioning adjustment.


3. Greenworks G-MAX (20312) – Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw in 2022

Greenworks cordless chainsaw review

This Greenworks cordless chainsaw comes with a 16 inches bar length that allows you to deal with large-sized woods with no problems at all. The chain bar includes low kickback chain and a chain brake for users to enjoy uncompromised safety levels.

This chainsaw stands out in performance with the inclusion of high performing Brushless motor. It offers better torque up to 30% so you enjoy super strong cuts. With a single battery charge, you can deliver 150 cuts so that the job won’t remain unfinished when you are doing the hustle out there in the field.

The auto chain tensioning and automatic oiling system is also available with this Greenworks model. This leads to the notion that you won’t be running much into the maintenance and focusing only on the cutting job. A maximum time of yours will remain productive while possessing this chainsaw.

Even with such commendable power on offer, you would be producing quite less noise and no release of materials during operation. The batteries deliver high-quality run times so there is no fading of power and no compromise on cutting performance throughout the usage.


  • Electronic chain brake available
  • Highly Power efficient Brushless Motor
  • Superb Battery Timing Performance
  • Longer Chain bar length


  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

Despite the price being a bit higher than the previous Greenworks Chainsaw discussed, the features are remarkably enhanced. You get commendable battery performance and 30% better torque efficient brushless motor delivers super cutting power throughout. It is not a bad investment at all and user safety is also provided with enhanced user convenience features.


4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B – Best Cordless Mini Chainsaw Rated for 2022

Black+Decker - Best Mini Chainsaw

A budget-friendly chainsaw available with Black+Decker but a bit compromise on power and chain bar length. Still, you won’t question its reliability and effectiveness. A 10 inches premium Oregon low kickback chain bar delivers a smooth cutting experience.

The chain operation remains fast and smooth as you have the luxury of a tool-free blade tension system that helps to make swift adjustments. The chain and the bar keeps itself lubricated with the help of automatic oiling system.

The battery capacity on the offer is 20V. You can interchange between a pair of batteries conveniently and enjoy extended run times. With a small compact size and being lightweight, woodcutters have ultimate flexibility in trying out different positions.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexible and easy to maneuver
  • Convenient Chain Tensioning Adjustment
  • Interchangeable cordless batteries available


  • No chain brakes available

Bottom Line

A small and compact sized cordless chainsaw that won’t betray you in performance reliability. Quick maneuvering can be done and you can make swift adjustments with tool-free chain adjustment knob. Not much expensive so you can always look to have this for a fair-sized lawn and garden.


5. Snapper XD 82V MAX – Best Budget Cordless Chainsaw [2022]

Snapper cordless chainsaw review

With Snapper cordless chainsaw, you won’t be blinking an eye as it delivers powerful and speedy cutting performance. It comes with high voltage 82 V lithium batteries that provides more than 160 cuts with a single charge.

18 inch Oregon chain bar can handle large size woods with no hassle at all. A perfect solution for fallen trees and branches. It gets started with a push of a button so ultimate user convenience is experienced operating this Snapper chainsaw model.

The chain tension adjustment tool is placed on the machine so you can quickly adjust the tensions caused on the chain while operating. It is an ergonomically designed machine with rugged handles and rubber grips so that you can operate this one with extreme firmness.


  • Fast cutting performance
  • Ability to handle large-sized woods
  • Firm grip with hands
  • Push Button Start available


  • Battery and charger sold separately

Bottom Line

A remarkable solution for fairly large-sized lawns and outdoor wood cutting needs. A high quality 18-inches Oregon bar delivers smooth cutting performance and compatibility with 2 AH batteries means you can have more than 160 cuts per single change. It can be a bit expensive choice, still, if you need to make your life more convenient then it can be considered.


6. Stihl MSA 120 C-B – Best Stihl Cordless Chainsaw Review in 2022

Stihl cordless chainsaw

When you need to have the best cordless chainsaw, you can always switch to a Stihl chainsaw and you would never regret owning one. This cordless chainsaw model would also satisfy your quality satisfaction needs and you can enjoy superior safety and user convenience features.

The chain bar lengths you can get for this model can be 10 inches or 12 inches. The performance remains optimized with any of these lengths and users experience quite fewer vibrations while operating.The chain braking feature prevents any kickback that can cause serious injury due to mechanical failure. Chain adjustments can be made quickly with a super fast-moving knob so there is no delay in your operational time.

With a single battery charge, woodcutters are able to have 100 cuts that can be enough to get the job done in a single go. Around 4 inch thick woods can be handled without no problems at all and you can collect enough amount of wood for yourself with this high performing battery-powered chainsaw.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Highly effective chain brakes
  • Proper functioning automatic lubrication system
  • Low maintenance brushless motor provided


  • Oil levels can’t be checked from outside

Bottom Line

Stihl chainsaws enjoy the best possible market reputation. You would be dealing with a wide set of features that adds to the flexibility and user convenience. User safety measures are commendable and cutting performance also remains top-notch with Oregon low kickback chain bars.


Advantages of Cordless Chainsaw

The advantages of having a cordless chainsaw are immense. You are dealing with the most portable machinery as they are mostly found to be lightweight. Without this, the purpose of this type of chainsaw vanishes. You would be walking out there with a chainsaw without getting into much exhaustion.

Battery-powered chainsaws are also quite preferable due to their environment friendliness on offer. They create much less noise than the gas-powered or electric input counterparts. Motors are efficiently run through batteries and you won’t be getting any harmful byproducts released in the air.

They also come with better user convenience features such as automatic oiler and quick chain tensioning adjustment systems. You are able to match up the power with quick adjustment features so there is quite less loss of power and time. So, if you look to have a cordless chainsaw, you must know that it would be portable, lightweight, environment friendly, and offer much better user convenience than the traditional ones.

With these viable advantages and features, getting a cordless chainsaw is quite inevitable for the ones who are involved in this garden and forestry field. You need to increase your reach and flexibility in chainsaw positioning in order to get the job done with ultimate perfection. This is only possible when you are free to operate regardless of the position of the power source input.


We explained in detail what positive impacts a cordless chainsaw can bring to your life. Along with their features you need to look upon while buying, we provided you a list of the best cordless chainsaw.

With pros and cons along with their brief features discussed should have placed you in a better position which chainsaw you need to buy for yourself. Your garden and lawn can’t stand the rough looks anymore so you gotta put things in place as early as possible with the help of the right equipment.

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