Are DEREAL Chainsaws Any Good? Pros and Cons Explained

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DEREAL chainsaws pros and consWhen the discussion is of good chainsaws, who can forget to include DEREAL chainsaws?

The brand is considered among the best chainsaws because of the features it offers. Those who ask ‘are DEREAL chainsaws any good?’ should know that:

DEREAL chainsaws offer you an automatic lubrication system. It makes you free from worrying about the proper lubrication of your chainsaw. Also, proper oiling keeps the chainsaw healthy and increases its life span.

Moreover, it has a dual throttle system which is essential for safety. Also, it regulates fuel consumption as per need. The 2-cycle engine of the DEREAL chainsaw makes it more powerful.

It works without valves and cams as it generates power with every turn of the crankshaft.

Are DEREAL Chainsaws Any Good? Detailed Explanation

Yes, DEREAL chainsaws are good because buyers are highly satisfied with the products of the brand. It is because the brand provides its users with quality chainsaws having multiple useful features. It has a global rating of 4 stars while many users have also rated it with 5 stars.

Where Are DEREAL Chainsaws Made?

DEREAL Chainsaws are manufactured in China however the company is US based. The company manufactures high-quality chainsaws that have some latest features. What makes them more attractive is that they are durable and reasonable in price.

If you are interested in knowing who makes DEREAL chainsaws? Then, let me tell you that these chainsaws are manufactured by a US company that is based in Irvine, California. The manufacturers design it while keeping in mind the safety and its comfortable use for the buyers.

Chainsaw Models Offered by DEREAL in 2024

Now, let us have a look at the different levels level of chainsaw models that DEREAL offers. Here are the three levels that I will be telling you about. These different levels speak about the evolution of DEREAL chainsaw models by adapting new features as per the demand.

The three levels are DEREAL 38cc, DEREAL 58cc, and DEREAL 62cc chainsaws. We look for their quality and type of material. Also, I will tell you about the air cleansing system in each of them and their designs. So, let us get started.

DEREAL 38cc Chainsaw

The first level is 38cc in which you find Pro 3816S 14” chainsaw. If we talk about its material, it has Polymer Chassis material which makes it easy to handle. Also, it is lightweight so you won’t feel tired or have much difficulty in use. It is a reliable and durable model.

The quality is also good and it has a 3-points anti-vibration system that gives you a smooth cutting experience. Likewise, It has an excellent air cleaning system because it has a reduced air filter and a 2-cycle stroke engine.

Then, coming to the design of this chainsaw so this model has been designed in a way that makes a good grip for the user. It is not slippery so you can say it has safety measures to avoid accidents. Moreover, it is also shock-absorbing. These are some of the details of the model. If you want to know more, you can visit the DEREAL chainsaw website.

DEREAL 58cc Chainsaw

Then, we have another model of DEREAL that is 58cc. If we talk about the quality and material of this, it is better than 38cc. The outer shell of the chainsaw is better and of course, it is lightweight. This will make you comfortable using the chainsaw.

Other than that, it also has a highly efficient 2-cycle stroke engine. As far as the design is concerned, it has a quick-stop chain brake. Because of this feature, the chainsaw becomes safer as it reduces the chances of any misconduct caused by chainsaw kickback.

DEREAL 62cc Chainsaw

Let us now have a look at the features of the 62cc DEREAL chainsaw. It is the most advanced one that has better features than 38cc and 58cc. This model of chainsaw has a dual throttle switch along with high-quality baffle switches.

Though the other two models also have a 2-stroke cycle engine this one assures you 10% less consumption of fuel. Therefore, it is fuel efficient which is a big plus point for the users.

Moreover, coming to the design, the gas chainsaw is easy to use because of the comfortable handle. Then, it has a strong build overall and also has a dual throttle switch.

Pros And Cons of DEREAL Chainsaws

Now, it is time to discuss the pros and cons of a DEREAL chainsaw. Overall, DEREAL chainsaw has got the best reviews whether I talk about personal experience or reviews by different vloggers.

The most attractive aspect of this chainsaw is the price range. For instance, DEREAL 62cc gives you the best performance and it costs around $130. Comparatively, a STIHL chainsaw costs you around $900, and honestly, there is no big difference in the performance of both chainsaws.

Talking about the performance of DEREAL 62cc, it is amazing. From green wood to 2-year-old hardwood, it can cut through all types of wood easily. Other than that, I have already told you about the other good features of this chainsaw.

Coming towards the cons of DEREAL chainsaws, it takes a 25/1 fuel oil mixture which might seem to be a little bit problematic for you. However, no need to worry as I have tried using the same oil mix that I use for other saws without getting any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DEREAL a good chainsaw brand?

Yes, it is a good chainsaw brand that manufactures three levels of chainsaws such as 38cc, 58cc, and 62cc. Though the brand is not as popular as STIHL and Husqvarna yet it is good in many aspects. From design to material and features, DEREAL Chainsaws are good and are liked by their users.

Why do people opt for DEREAL?

There are many reasons for people to buy DEREAL Chainsaws but the main reason is their best budget price. DEREAL saws come with great features including lightweight, quality material, user-friendly design, and safety.

All these features are found in other brands as well but they are quite expensive. If we compare STIHL and DEREAL chainsaws, then Stihl costs around $900 while you can have a good working DEREAL chainsaw for just $130. This is the biggest reason for people to opt for this brand.

Is DEREAL better than Husqvarna?

If we talk from the price perspective then yes DEREAL is better than Husqvarna. However, it depends upon the users and what sort of task you are performing. Some people like Husqvarna while others opt for DEREAL. Nevertheless, DEREAL has got the good performance to offer in a low budget range. Thus, you can say it is better.

Does DEREAL make battery-powered chainsaws?

Yes, DEREAL also offers you battery-powered chainsaws such as DEREAL 6220F. It is a cordless model of DEREAL that is safe and reliable. Along with this, it is a powerful chainsaw that you can get without paying much as it is affordable.

Are DEREAL chainsaws reliable?

Yes, they are reliable and good at performance. The chainsaws have got an auto lubricating system and you will find a 2- cycle stroke engine. DEREAL chainsaw chains are also of good quality and they have sharp blades that make cutting easy. Thus, based on reviews and experiences I can say it is reliable.

Last Words: Are DEREAL Chainsaws Any Good?

So, here we are done with the discussion about DEREAL chainsaws. The brand is not much popular but it is highly rated and offers many special features even in a low price range.

If you are still thinking are DEREAL Chainsaws any good? Then, yes, of course, they are amazing to be used either for professional purposes or in household tasks. From chopping firewood to cutting down a tree, it will give you the best performance.

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