How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Grinder in 10 Easy Steps [2024]

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sharpening chainsaw with a grinderA chainsaw is usually owned by people who are interested in woodworking projects. And they would know how frustrating it is to work with dull chains. They use various sharpening tools like filers and chainsaw grinders for sharpening.

Sharpening the chainsaw with grinders can be overwhelming for some if they don’t know the right angles and the right ways to use these sharpening tools.

Electric grinders have made the sharpening process a lot easier and more efficient. Different chainsaw grinders are available in the market, but the guidelines are somewhat similar.

To help the homeowners in this regard, have a look at this detailed guide regarding how to sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder in 10 easy and simple steps by Richard:

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Grinders in 2024? A Step-by-Step Guide!

Let’s look at the steps involved in sharpening the chainsaw with grinders.

1. Get to Know Your Equipment

Learn about all the components of chainsaw and grinder well. Focus on the specifications like angles, size, types of chains, and the basic way to operate the machines. Read the user’s manual carefully and understand the instructions before starting the equipment.

2. Safety Measures

Although a chainsaw is a lifesaver when it comes to cutting wood, it can be quite dangerous if not used properly. So safety comes first even when using a grinder to sharpen the chainsaw. Wear proper personal protective equipment during assembly and operation. Cover your face with a helmet and eyes with safety glasses as sparks fly while grinding especially if there is aggressive chainsaw sharpening with the grinder. It is advisable to wear gloves and an overall coat to protect your clothes.

3. Dressing the Grinder Wheel

Wheels become abrasive when used over time. The metal wheel needs regular dressing. Using a hard stone against the running wheel is the standard for sharpening the grinding wheel. So dress the wheel every time before starting the grinder for better performance.

4. Clean the Chain Tooth

Detach the chain from the firewood chainsaw and prepare it for grinding. It usually includes cleaning dirt and any type of grease that reside inside the chain. All sorts of cleaning chemicals and equipment are available in the market but we highly recommend an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. No dirt or oil should be left in the chain for good grinding. Also, dry the chains completely before grinding.

5. Inspect the Chain

Next, thoroughly look at the top-rated chain to identify any damage to the chain. There may be broken cutters, loose rivets, or cracked drive links. Get them out and replace what’s needed. Mark the most damaged one as you’ll start with this one.

6. Place it on the Sliding Track

The chain is then placed on the sliding track underneath the wheel. The sliding track help move the chain smoothly while grinding.

7. Set the Angle

Chainsaws come with different size blades, and every blade needs a different angle as outlined in the user’s manual. Three angles are set in the grinder to sharpen the chainsaw.

  • Top Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Tilt Angle

The top angle is to set the grinder head to adjust the wheel. Then there is the side plate cutting angle specified according to the chain you’re using. Also, you’ll have to adjust the tooth tilt angle which is a vertical angle on the chain. Make sure your grinding wheel is matched with the tooth and cutter of the chain.

8. Adjust for Depth

Like angles, you need to fit the depth as well. It depends on how deep you want to grind. Most grinders have two depth options only. You can adjust the depth by twisting the threaded adjuster.

9. Lock the Chain

The chain is locked on the track after adjusting the angle and depth. Locking the chain on the track helps to hold the chain tightly in a comfortable position.

10. Grind the Chain

Now start the grinder to sharpen the chain. You need to pull the chain continuously to grind all the teeth of the chain placed on the track. Start with the most damaged teeth and move your way forward.

So these are the 10 steps you can follow to sharpen the chains at home with a chainsaw grinder.

Take a look at video demonstration of sharpening chainsaw with grinder by FloweringElbow

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a grinder?

A chainsaw blade is a guide bar surrounded by a chain that is used to cut wood. You can follow the above-mentioned guidelines for sharpening the chainsaw with a grinder.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with the bench grinder?

Bench grinders are set up on a table or a wall and they are usually easy to use than hand-held grinders. You can set them up according to your height and comfortable sitting position. It uses the same basic principle to operate as an ordinary grinder.

Can you sharpen a chainsaw with an angle grinder?

An angle grinder, along with other uses, can also be used effectively for sharpening. Many professionals use it as a chainsaw grinder. However, you might need to consider equipping it with a good abrasive grinding disc and using the right angles.

How to sharpen a chainsaw with an electric grinder?

An electric grinder is more efficient than a filer but it’s a bit difficult to use. Be prepared and wear protective clothing while using a grinder. Follow the manual and read the guidelines in this article to properly sharpen the chainsaw.

Final Views on Sharpening a Chainsaw with a Grinder in 2024

Many enthusiasts don’t know how to sharpen the chains or find it difficult to do on their own. They prefer paying for sharpening every time or buying new chains altogether. This article can help you learn the right way to use grinders so that you don’t have to worry the next time you see blunt chains on your electric chainsaw.

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