7 Best Chainsaw Gloves Tested for Hand Protection and Comfort

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best chainsaw glovesOften we have heard about chainsaw users who refuse to wear protective gloves while working because, in their opinion, gloves restrict their mobility with the chainsaw and are uncomfortable to work with.

First of all, you must never use a chainsaw with bare hands, because the risk of getting your fingers hurt is too great. Believe me, I had a few close calls, and I have never used the chainsaw again without gloves.

Chainsaw gloves are specially designed for handling chainsaws and come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, you can find a good pair of chainsaw gloves that will fit perfectly on your hands.

I have tested and reviewed some of the best chainsaw gloves in the market and shortlisted 7 for you. The gloves are designed to protect your hands in case of accidental slippage of the chainsaw.

Let’s check them out:

Top 7 Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

1. Oregon Chainsaw Gloves—Best Chainsaw Protective Gloves in 2024

Brand: Oregon | Sizes Available: 8, 9, 10, 11 | Protection On: Left Hand | Material: Leather, Technical Chainsaw Protective Material| Reusable: Yes

Oregon Chainsaw Gloves

Oregon is a reputable brand that manufactures chainsaws, accessories, and PPEs. Hence, the gloves designed by Oregon factor in the true power and destructive potential of the chainsaw and protect your hands even under the worst circumstances.

During our tests, these gloves proved to be the best in terms of comfort, durability, and protective standards. The gloves are reinforced with technical chainsaw protective material to provide you with ultimate safety and protection.

Extra-thick protective material on the left hand provides you with all the protection you need while working with a chainsaw. The protection meets international protective standards and has multiple layers of reinforced material.

So, if unfortunately the chainsaw slips and falls on your hand, it won’t pierce through the glove immediately, and hence your hand will be protected. You can also get the right-hand reinforced variant of these gloves.

In terms of comfort, nothing beats the premium leather of Oregon. The gloves are ideal for homeowners and professional workers. The breathable material is integrated with soft premium leather to provide you with the perfect comfort.

The palm portion of the gloves is reinforced to provide you effective grip on the chainsaw. Hence, the tool would not slip out of your hands while working, and also you will have better mobility with the chainsaw.

The reinforcement is only available on one hand, so you can select either the left hand or the right hand. Unfortunately, Oregon does not offer reinforcement on both hands. Some customers also wanted a different color, but Oregon gloves only come in orange.

What We Like

  • Extra-Thick protective Material
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Efficient Durability
  • Soft and Premium Leather
  • Can be used for various applications

What We Don't Like

  • Reinforcement only on one hand
  • Only available in orange color

2. VGO 1-Pair Chainsaw Gloves—Best Chainsaw Gloves with 12-Layer Protection in 2024

Brand: VGO | Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL | Protection On: Left Hand | Material: Leather, Chainsaw Protective Material| Reusable: Yes

VGO 1-Pair Chainsaw Gloves

Second, on the list, we have a premium pair of chainsaw gloves that are designed with the highest protective standards. The VGO gloves are reinforced with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material to protect your hands from the aggressive chainsaw.

These gloves are tested against powerful gasoline chainsaws and have proved their durability. During our tests, the gloves were able to stop the chainsaw instantly upon contact, as the metal spikes buried themselves in a protective layer.

So, one thing is for certain, the home use chainsaw would not be able to cut through this glove. VGO provides you reinforcement on one or both gloves based on your choice. The glove has class 1 certification for being safe with chainsaw use.

The gloves are made from flexible breathable fabric and drill cloth which keeps your hands in a comfortable condition. The 12-layer chainsaw cloth protection on the left hand provides you with ultimate safety for chainsaw use.

PVC design on the palm is a double-layered design that provides you perfect grip on the tools. The PVC material is stitched on soft goat leather and provides you efficient grip and anti-slip guarantee when handling a chainsaw.

To prevent the dust and other debris from entering the gloves, it comes with knitted cuffs made of fabric. The knitted cuffs hold tightly onto your wrists, protecting them on one hand and preventing entry of foreign material into your gloves.

The pre-curved 3D fingers provide protection to your fingers, but they are not very effective when it comes to finger mobility. Hence, the gloves are not well-suited for other tasks, as the mobility of your fingers will be limited.

What We Like

  • Instantly Stops Tooth Chainsaw on Contact
  • 12 Layered Extreme Protection
  • Flexible and Breathable Material
  • PVC Design on Palm for Grip
  • Knitted Cuffs

What We Don't Like

  • Limited Finger Mobility
  • No Warranty

3. STIHL 7010 Gloves – Best Heavy Duty Work Gloves for Chainsaw in 2024

Brand: STIHL | Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL | Protection On: Both Hands | Material: Heavy Duty Leather| Reusable: Yes

STIHL 7010 Gloves

STIHL is a renowned chainsaw manufacturing brand that is a global seller of chainsaws and accessories. The STIHL gloves are heavy-duty work gloves that are designed to protect your hands against cuts and abrasions.

These gloves are designed with high-quality leather and reinforced material that protects your hands under unfortunate or accidental circumstances. Hence, you will be able to work comfortably with your equipment while wearing these gloves.

Leather that lasts 2x longer. The ultra-durable goat leather is much more comfortable than conventional leather and provides you with superior breathability and durability when it comes to glove life.

Multi-ply layer on the wrists provides you extreme protection against cut-off. We tested it both against knives, saws, and other sharp substances. The gloves are cut-proof and will keep your hands protected under all circumstances.

On the back of gloves, high visibility reflective material is incorporated. The upgraded reinforcement on the back side protects your hands against the chainsaw. The gloves are top-rated in terms of durability, comfort, and value for money.

However, unlike the first two gloves on the list, these gloves do not have 12-layer class 1 protective reinforcement on the back of the hands. On one hand, it provides you with superior mobility, but on the other, it takes chainsaw protection a notch down.

What We Like

  • Heavy Duty Material
  • Premium Goat Leather that is Twice Durable
  • Multi-ply wrist protection
  • High visibility reflective material
  • Upgraded reinforcement on the back of hands

What We Don't Like

  • Limited sizes available
  • No 12 Layer of Chainsaw protective cloth on the back

4. Husqvarna Saw Protection Gloves—Best Husqvarna Gloves for Chainsaw

Brand: Husqvarna | Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL | Protection On: Left Hand | Material: Spandex, Chainsaw Protective Reinforcement on Left Hand| Reusable: Yes

Husqvarna Saw Protection Gloves

Next, we have Husqvarna Saw Protection Gloves. Similar to previous brands, Husqvarna is also one of the most reputable gasoline chainsaw manufacturers. They are renowned worldwide for manufacturing the most powerful chainsaws.

Hence, the gloves manufactured by them are designed to handle extremely powerful chainsaws. These gloves come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs and provide you with ultimate protection against chainsaws.

Unlike other gloves on the list, the Husqvarna gloves have taken into account the importance of designs and colors as well. So, you have plenty of color combinations and designs to choose from.

You can select the cut resistance on the left or right hand, based on your personal choice. Hence, similar to the first two gloves, Husqvarna also provides you with ultimate protection on one hand.

The goat-skin construction on the palm provides you superior comfort on one hand, and an effective grip on the other. The gloves will last twice the lifetime of conventional gloves and will allow you to work comfortably with the chainsaw.

Spandex fabric integration increases your mobility and provides you with a highly reflective back of the gloves. The gloves also have an H-crown logo on the back designed from reflective material.

One thing which many users have been warned about is the size. The size chart used by Husqvarna is different and you must check it before ordering gloves. Using smaller or larger gloves than your hand size would not be comfortable.

What We Like

  • Designed to handle gas chainsaws
  • Ultimate Protection on Left Hand
  • Comfortable Wear
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Effective Grip

What We Don't Like

  • Users reported that gloves take a lot of time to arrive
  • No other cons

5. Youngstown Kevlar Gloves—Best Kevlar Gloves for Chainsaw in 2024

Brand: Youngstown | Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL | Protection On: Both Hands | Material: Nylon, Polyester, PVC, Kevlar, Rubber| Reusable: Yes

Youngstown Kevlar Gloves

One of the best budget chainsaw gloves that provide you ultimate mobility and extreme cut protection. The Youngstown Kevlar gloves are designed with Kevlar which protects your hands against the sharpest of materials.

This performance work pair of gloves are designed for a variety of tasks. The Kevlar construction protects your hands against cuts and punctures allowing you to work worry-free and comfortably in a variety of places.

Youngstown glove is made from Nylon, Polyester, PVC, Kevlar, Polyurethane, Cotton, Rubber, and Velcro. The combined construction provides you with ultimate protection against cuts and abrasions.

Unlike other gloves, the Youngstown glove is protected on each inch with Kevlar. Every bit of the glove, including the fingers, is reinforced with DuPont Kevlar to provide you protection against cuts and punctures.

The outer layer on the palm provides you non-slip grip on the tools. Hence, you will be able to handle a chainsaw and other tools with ease, as the grip on your palm, fingers, and thumb provide you a perfect grip.

Soft terry cloth is sewn onto the top of the thumb for wiping the sweat. Hence, while working, users can use that portion of the gloves to wipe sweat from their forehead with ease, without requiring an extra cloth.

Despite these amazing features, these gloves are not the number 1 choice for the chainsaw. Although they are effective for a variety of applications, the protective layers are not in the class 1 category. They will provide protection against chainsaw, just not as much as the first two picks on the list.

What We Like

  • Kevlar reinforcement
  • Protection on all parts of the glove, including finger and thumb
  • Non-slip grip on palm, thumb, and fingers
  • Soft terry cloth at the back of the thumb
  • Velcro closure for fixed position

What We Don't Like

  • Only 1 design is available
  • No plastic reinforcement on fingers

6. Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves—Best Chainsaw Gloves with Kevlar Reinforcement

Brand: Endura | Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL | Protection On: Both Hands | Material: Spandex, Nylon| Reusable: Yes

Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves

These cut-resistant chainsaw gloves are designed for heavy-duty tasks. Endura Hi-Viz gloves are made from spandex, nylon, leather, and chainsaw protective material. The gloves are designed to ensure maximum mobility and user comfort.

Gloves are 100% water resistant and are designed with smooth goat leather which is more comfortable and more durable than conventional leather. The unique construction of leather, spandex, and nylon makes the gloves breathable and comfortable.

The gloves are also equipped with built-in anti-vibration reinforcements which make them perfect for chainsaw use. Besides the anti-vibration technology of the chainsaw, the gloves will also reduce the vibrations and provide you with a comfortable working experience.

Elasticized wrists provide you with a perfect closure at your wrists and keep the dust and debris out. The hook and loop mechanism allows you to tighten the grip when wearing the gloves. Hence, no dust particles will be able to enter the glove.

Cut-resistant reinforcement on the front and back of the gloves provides you optimum protection against cuts and abrasions of a chainsaw. Hence, you can work safely against cuts and puncture with these gloves.

The gloves are only available in a highly reflective green color. The Kevlar reinforcement is only 8 layers thick and only meets class zero standards for chainsaw protection. Hence, the protective layer on the gloves is not as thick as in previous products.

What We Like

  • Water and Tear Resistant
  • Cut Resistant
  • Anti-Vibration Reinforcement
  • Elasticized Wrist Hooks
  • Breathable Fabric

What We Don't Like

  • Kevlar reinforcement is only on the back of the left hand
  • No grip patterns on palm or fingertips

7. Intra-FIT Heavy-Duty Gloves—Best Durable Gloves for Chainsaw

Brand: Intra-FIT | Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL | Protection On: Both Hands | Material: Thermoplastic Rubber| Reusable: Yes

Intra-FIT Heavy-Duty Gloves

Last but not least, we have Intra-fit Heavy Duty gloves that are super-durable for working with a chainsaw. The Intra-Fit gloves come in a super luminous design and have ultra-dexterity.

The gloves can be used for a variety of heavy-duty tasks. The stunning design makes them fit for professional application, and multi-layered reinforcement on the gloves protects you against cuts, tear punctures, and abrasions.

These heavy-duty gloves are EN388:2016 certified for ultimate protection. The thermoplastic rubber reinforcement protects your hands from chainsaw in case of accidental slippage or from other sharp tools like a knife and saw.

You do not need to worry about getting your gloves wet or oily anymore. The HIVIs green stretchable back fabric repels water, oil, and other liquids. The gloves are grade 6 certified for oil repulsion.

Highly breathable Cala-Tech fabric protects your hands from cuts, punctures, and abrasions. You have the highest level of protection at your disposal. The multi-layered reinforcement will bring the gasoline chainsaw to an instant stop.

Furthermore, the unique fabric construction also provides you with ultimate dexterity and comfort. The fabric provides perfect grip on tools because of the multi-layered pattern on the palm so that your hand does not slip and has a firm grip.

However, due to extensive reinforcement on the back of the hand, fingers, and thumb, mobility is somewhat limited. You cannot bend your whole fingers, which is not much of an issue when working with a chainsaw, but it might be a hindrance during other tasks.

What We Like

  • Thermoplastic Rubber Impact Protection Reinforcement
  • Super Dexterity
  • Fabric Repels Water and Oil
  • Ultimate Protection against cuts and abrasions
  • Super Comfortable Wear

What We Don't Like

  • Limited Finger Movement
  • Not Good for Handling Heat (or Hot Objects)

How to Select the Best Chainsaw Gloves? Buying Guide

Chainsaw gloves are extremely important when it comes to the safety of your hands. These gloves will protect your hands in case you have an accidental slippage of the chainsaw and the chainsaw hits your hand.

Hence, selecting the chainsaw glove is an important task. You need to take a lot of important factors into account before selecting the gloves just like you’d do while choosing chainsaw safety helmet or chainsaw chaps.

So, if you do not possess knowledge about chainsaw gloves, then you have come to the right place. To help you out, we will briefly discuss some of the most important aspects that you must know about chainsaw gloves.

Material and Construction

First of all, you need to look into the material that is used in the construction of the gloves. The gloves need to be durable, cut-proof, have water resistance, reinforcements and above all are comfortable to wear.

Gloves that are made from premium leather are highly preferred over other fabric gloves. The leather has higher durability and comfort level which allows you to use the tools like chainsaws more comfortably.

The spandex lining or grip patterns on the glove palm, fingers, and thumb are also recommended. These grip patterns will prevent the chainsaw from slipping through your hands and falling.

Chainsaw Protective Reinforcement

Kevlar or chainsaw reinforcement fabric lining is also a must-have feature in the gloves. Different gloves have different layers of chainsaw protective material, which provides the ultimate protection to your hand from a running chainsaw.

That is the main difference between normal work gloves and chainsaw gloves. The chainsaw gloves have Kevlar or UHMWPE reinforcement which can bring the chainsaw to a stop if it falls on your hand.

The reinforcement lining is mainly done either on the back of the left hand or right hand, based on your preference. You can also get reinforcement on both hands, but that is not recommended since the hand with reinforcement has limited mobility.

Cut and Puncture Resistance

Polyethylene fiber provides the gloves with cut and puncture resistance. Even if the gloves are not specifically designed for a chainsaw, the cut and puncture resistance is very effective and can provide you with basic protection.

The special fiber prevents knives, saws, and other sharp tools from piercing your gloves. Hence, you can work comfortably with your tools without fearing any cuts or pokes to your hands.

Comfort and Mobility

One feature that you can never compromise on is the comfort and mobility of your hand. The last thing you want is to get a glove that is so thick that you cannot even move your fingers in it.

Hence, you must always ensure that the glove is made from breathable material so that your hands can rest in them comfortably. Premium goat leather is the best-suited material for this purpose.

Chainsaw protective reinforcement will prevent somewhat mobility, and your hand would not be as free, as it would be without the glove. However, there will still be a lot of room for finger and thumb movement so that you can operate the chainsaw effectively.

Water Resistance and Cuffs

The only thing that can ruin your comfort even with a good glove is if water, oil, dust, or other debris gets into your glove. These things can make wearing the glove uncomfortable for you and hence you won’t be able to work efficiently.

Good quality gloves are designed with either knitted cuffs or Velcro which can be tightened when you are wearing the gloves. Hence, no dust or debris will be able to enter the gloves and disrupt your work.

You must also ensure that the gloves are waterproof or water-repellant so that they won’t allow any liquids to ruin them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of gloves to use when operating a chainsaw?

The gloves that are reinforced with chainsaw protective layers are cut and puncture-resistant, waterproof and comfortable to wear, and are best to use while operating a chainsaw. We have shared some of the top picks in our above guide.

Should you wear gloves when using a chainsaw?

Yes, you must wear gloves while operating a chainsaw. Gloves will protect your hands and allow you to use the chainsaw safely. Chainsaw gloves are specially designed to stop the chainsaw in case there is an accident.

Will chainsaw gloves stop a chainsaw?

Yes, the chainsaw glove that has protective reinforcement at the back of the left or right hand will stop the chainsaw from contact. The chainsaw protective layers are designed to stop the metal spikes of the chainsaw immediately.

Do chainsaw gloves need to be water-resistant?

Yes, you must ensure that the gloves you purchase for the chainsaw are water-resistant. If water gets into your gloves and soaks them, then they will be uncomfortable and not safe to use with a chainsaw.

What is chainsaw protective reinforcement?

Chainsaw protective reinforcement is multiple layers of chainsaw protective material on the back of one of your gloves. These layers are designed with extreme durability and strength and can stop a chainsaw immediately on contact.

Final Takeaways: Which are the Best Chainsaw Gloves?

Chainsaw gloves protect your hands while allowing you to comfortably use the chainsaw. These gloves are designed with special protective materials that can stop a chainsaw in case of mishaps.

Hence, you must always wear chainsaw gloves while using a chainsaw. We have tested and reviewed some of the best chainsaw gloves available in the market. Two of the best among them are VGO chainsaw gloves and Oregon chainsaw gloves.

Both of these gloves are certified for best protection against a chainsaw and can bring a chainsaw to an immediate stop if the chainsaw falls on your hand.

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