How to Remove Clutch from a Husqvarna Chainsaw in 7 Steps?

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removing clutch from Husqvarna chainsawKnowing how to maintain your chainsaw and being able to manage small tasks on your own is good. In this case, you would not get into trouble in case of urgency. I will guide you in detail on how you can remove the clutch from a Husqvarna chainsaw.

The three parts of the Husqvarna chainsaw clutch are; the center part, clutch spring, and clutch drum. All of them affect the performance of the chainsaw. Therefore, if there is a problem with any part, you need to change the whole clutch system.

Be with me and learn in detail how to remove the clutch from a Husqvarna chainsaw. I will tell you about the supplies needed to carry out the operation. Also, I will guide you on how to assemble the chainsaw clutch.

How to Remove the Clutch from a Husqvarna Chainsaw?

To remove the chainsaw clutch, you need to first remove the chain brake, then take off the chainsaw bar and chainsaw chain as well. Afterward, you have to bind the piston which is a must. If you forget to do so, it will keep spinning and you cannot take off the clutch.

Then, use the hammer and screwdriver to remove the clutch. For reassembling your Husqvarna chainsaw clutch you will follow the same procedure but in reverse sequence. Feels like it is pretty simple. Yes, it is, but you need to learn properly.

I am here to tell you how you can replace the clutch from your chainsaw in simple and clear steps. Be with me till the end and learn in easy steps. Let’s get started with the supplies you need and then we will move to the procedure part.

Supplies You Will Need

There are some supplies that you should be having. The Husqvarna clutch removal tools include; Hammer, Screwdriver, Safety gloves, Clutch socket wrench, String, or pull cord. Grabbed all the equipment? Good job, let’s start now.

How to Remove Clutch from Husqvarna Chainsaw?

Step 1:

The first step is to turn off the chainsaw and release the chain brake. Make sure you are wearing safety gloves, and check the brake is released by moving the chain with your hand.

If you do not know where the chain brake is located or what it is, it is a handle made of plastic. Usually, it lies between the throttle and the bar. It is found on the top of the chainsaw body.  

Step 2:

Then, loosen the bar nuts using the wrench until it is finger-tight. Also, loosen the bar tensioning screw with the help of a screwdriver. Look for tensioning screw in between the mental points of the bar cover. Usually, it is not a visible screw, there will be a hole and that’s where there is the screw that you need to reach.

Step 3:

As the screws are loosened, take off the chainsaw cover. Then, take off the chainsaw bar and separate the chainsaw chain from the bar. Keep both things in a safe place. Removing the bar and chain is necessary as you will reach the clutch only when you take them off. 

Step 4:

Done with the three steps? Great! Now look for the spark plug on the top body of the chainsaw. Once you find the spark plug, disconnect it from the rubber connector. Insert a string into the spark plug so that the piston cannot move while removing the clutch. Happening so, will cause trouble therefore, it is necessary to completely resist the piston’s movement.  

Step 5:

Now it is time to remove the chainsaw clutch. As Husqvarna clutches are tightened on the left side rotation, so move the clutch socket wrench in the clockwise direction to loosen the nuts.

If you face any trouble in loosening the nuts, tap once or twice with the hammer on the handle. This is a guide tip to make your operations easy.   

Step 6:

After loosening, remove the bolt and remove the clutch setup from the chainsaw. Inspect it, and replace the clutch if you see one or more parts are worn out.

Step 7:

After you successfully replace the clutch setup with a new one, it is time to reassemble the chainsaw. Similarly, put the parts back but follow the steps in reverse order. You are now done with the process of replacing the Husqvarna clutch assembly.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Clutch Replacement

If your chainsaw clutch is damaged or worn out, it will affect the overall performance of the chainsaw. Therefore, replacing the chainsaw clutch over time is essential. As I have mentioned earlier, it has three components and if any of them gets damaged, you need to replace the entire clutch assembly. Follow the steps mentioned above to replace it. 

How to Replace Clutch Spring on Husqvarna Chainsaw?

If you accidentally get your chainsaw clutch spring out of it, then let me tell you how to fix it. It might seem to be a bit difficult as it does not fit well and is a bit harder to get it back in the position.

What you can do is take the spring and allocate the best positions without letting any side inside the clutch. Then, with the help of a plier, you can press the teeth into the clutch in a way that you stretch them with the plier. Be careful with the process as the edges of the sprig are too sharp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you change the clutch on a Husqvarna chainsaw?

To change the clutch on a Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to remove the outer cover. Then, remove the chainsaw bar and chain to get access to the clutch. You need to be careful while loosening screws and especially while dealing with chainsaw chains because of their sharp teeth.

Then take off the clutch by loosening the tensioning screw. You need to move it in a clockwise direction because the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw has left locking nuts. Also, do not forget to bind the piston. Take out the old clutch and replace it with a new one. Repeat the process in reverse order to reassemble the chainsaw.

2. How do you remove a clutch on a Husqvarna 455 rancher?

Removing the clutch from a Husqvarna 455 rancher is not much difficult. However, you need to understand some points and follow some tricks to get it done easily. The main thing is to bind the piston completely, for that you can use a piston stopper.

Moreover, Husqvarna 455 rancher has left-hand threads. This means you need to move it in a clockwise direction to loosen it. Mentioning this point because normally threads are right-handed. Rest, follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

3. How do you remove a clutch sprocket from a chainsaw?

There are two types of sprockets available namely; Rim sprocket and Spur sprocket. To remove the spur sprocket, you simply need to replace the entire clutch drum as they both are combined. However, for a Rim sprocket you need to replace only the sprocket of the drum is not worn out.

4. Can you run a chainsaw without a clutch?

No, you cannot run a chainsaw without a clutch. It is one of the necessary parts of the chainsaw without which the chainsaw cannot perform its duty. The clutch is connected to the sprocket and without the clutch, the sprocket will be directly connected to the motor. As a result, the chain would turn even when the engine is idling.

5. How do I know if my chainsaw clutch is bad?

A bad clutch will affect the performance of the chainsaw negatively. There are some signs that you should pay attention to know if your chainsaw clutch is bad. The signs include, slips of chainsaw under pressure and chainsaw turning while operating. In this case, you should stop working right away and inquire about the issue.

Final Takeaways

I have covered all the necessary areas of the topic. Hopefully, you have got enough knowledge of how to remove the clutch from the Husqvarna chainsaw. Now you can easily work with your cutting tool and can better deal with arising issues.

Moreover, you are always suggested to take care of all the safety measures while dealing with a chainsaw. It is because of the sharp blades that chainsaw has and they might end up with big troubles for you.

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