How to Make a Chainsaw Holder Using 2 Different Methods

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making DIY chainsaw holder at homeTools as expensive and robust as chainsaws require proper safety measures and precautions not only while using them but also to carry them around.

Chainsaw holder is one option and chainsaw scabbard the other. Both can help carry the chainsaw around safely on any vehicle. The trick is to get or make the one that is a perfect fit for your tool and perfectly fits your vehicle.

Chainsaw holders come in different frames and sizes and this article covers multiple aspects, including how to make a chainsaw holder at home.

How to Make a Chainsaw Holder in 2024? A Step-By-Step Guide

A gas chainsaw holder provides

  • Protection for the people from battery chainsaws.
  • Protection for the chainsaw from environmental factors.
  • Protection for the chain from getting its blades going dull.

The structure of your holder may differ from the vehicle you use. You can either buy one or mount it on your vehicle or DIY it. The thing to make sure of while getting or making a holder is to make sure it fits your 18″ saw and the adjacent space on your vehicle.

  • Proper space to put or fix the box-type holder.
  • Proper frame and space for the mount-type holder.

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How to Make a Chainsaw Holder for an ATV?

Most ATVs have front and back horizontal frames that you can use to mount your small chainsaw. These frames allow a fixed basket-like holder that can carry more than just your saw. You can either buy one or create one depending on your need and budget.

Ready-made holder

Some chainsaw brands like Husqvarna offer chainsaw accessories as well. You can also buy a holder from $50 up to $150 on online marketplaces. Once you have bought the right one you can mount it on your ATV using

  • Bolts and iron strips.
  • Ratchet straps.
  • Wires

DIY Holder

This DIY requires an empty milk crate that will hold your saw and some extra things, given its size. Crates come in multiple sizes so find the one that fits your saw with some room left to attach and detach the blade.

  • Hold the electric saw above the crate to mark the points where it needs to be cut.
  • Make one slit big enough for the blade to slide in and attach to the saw.
  • Make one slit for the handle if it does not fit in the crate.
  • Attach the milk crate to the front or the back frame of the ATV with ratchet straps.

How to Make a Chainsaw Holder for a Tractor?

There are multiple ways you can carry your chainsaw on your tractor

  • By using a chainsaw holder.
  • By creating a custom scabbard for your saw and tractor.
  • By fixing a box or crate in the back or behind the back seat.

Although investing in something standard and professional is always worthwhile. But homemade holders for tractors can work well enough given the quality of material and effort being put in.

Box Method

You can use an empty crate or wooden box the size of your saw. The box can be used as a bucket. Put the chainsaw (attached or detached) in with some clothes to keep it all in place. Or

  • Mark the cuts for the handle and blade of appropriate width.
  • The width of one cut should be enough so that the blade slides easily to attach and detach.
  • The width of the other should be enough for the handle to pass through.
  • Make the cuts using your saw or Sawzall.
  • You can place this box behind your seat, attach it to the tractor or carry it on the floor of the tractor.

Wood Plank Method

  • Take planks of wood with the length of your chainsaw (from the tip of the bar to the other side up to the handle) plus a few inches extra.
  • The width should be enough to provide a full base for the motor.
  • Nail two planks the same length as your bar side by side with enough space between them to hold the bar in place.
  • Place the saw on the constructed surface and use a surface mount latch with a spacer to hold the handle of the saw in place.
  • Place this behind your seat.

DIY Chainsaw Scabbard

If the box is not it then you can use a scabbard to mount your chainsaw. It uses the blade to balance the saw on the vehicle which is why the scabbard is usually installed vertically. Just like the holder this too can be bought or DIY at home.

  • Take a piece of plywood and cut it to the length and width of your chainsaw bar.
  • Cut the 3-inch diameter PVC of the same length as the measured plywood and clean up scrapes around its edges.
  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  • Once it’s preheated turn it off and place the PVC in for 10 minutes.
  • Check every minute to see if it is not melting.
  • Once time is up take it out and put it on the plywood like a sock.
  • Make sure to put lots of liquid soap on the plywood so it doesn’t stick to PVC.
  • Sandwich it between two pieces of wood and press it with something hard. Or stand on it.
  • Wait for it to cool off. Take out the plywood and you’ll have a scabbard perfect for your firewood chainsaw.
  • If it doesn’t form a shape, preheat it again.
  • Adjust that on your tractor or AVC vertically or at 90 angle using angle rods and bolts in the ROPS.

Disclaimer: This method will stink up your oven make sure to clean it before using it for cooking.

You can also learn how to make a DIY chainsaw holder in this video guide by MJA Doing Stuff:

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you need to make a chainsaw holder?

You can make it using any empty crate or wood box. For detailed DIYs read this article from above.

How do you make a tractor chainsaw holder?

You need a frame that can be adjusted on your tractor and hold the saw in place. You can also create a simple holder with an empty crate or wood box. Check our article for a detailed DIY method on how to make a tractor chainsaw holder.

Is a DIY chainsaw holder worth it?

For professionals, no it is not. They have to move through rough terrains that can damage the saw. For farm or yard work, a DIY can do a decent job. Check out our DIY methods in this article.

Should I spend money on buying a chainsaw scabbard?

If the nature of your work requires moving around or a need for an extra blade in that case spending money on a chainsaw scabbard is worth it. In case you want a scabbard but do not have the budget for it then check out our DIYs to make your own.

Final Takeaways: How to Make a Chainsaw Holder?

While transporting your chainsaw either by hand or by vehicle, first and foremost make sure its blade is protected. The second thing to make sure of while on the vehicle is to have hold still so the saw survives the bumpy road and you from the saw.

A chainsaw holder is a necessary safety tool for everyone with a chainsaw, especially those who have to move around with it. It provides a convenient storage place instead of a random toss-around.

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