Can You Rent a Chainsaw at Lowe’s? Renting Options

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Are you a DIY enthusiast or a homeowner looking to get rid of overgrown vegetation in your garden? Wondering if you can rent a chainsaw at Lowe’s? The answer is YES! Lowe’s chainsaw rental services are a popular option for those who need a chainsaw occasionally and wish to save money by skipping the investment.

Not everyone wants to invest in a cutting machine, especially if they require it for one-time use. In this article, I’ll spill the beans on the rental process from Lowe’s, including requirements and costs.

As well as you’ll also learn the perks of renting a cutting tool instead of buying one. So don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back from your dream garden. Let’s get started on the rental process!

renting chainsaws at Lowe's

Can You Rent a Chainsaw at Lowe’s?

Yes, you can rent a chainsaw from Lowe’s by visiting their rental center or online. Next, check the rental costs of different models and choose the one you need. Then simply reserve the tool for the period you want. Once you have completed this process, you’ll receive an email to pick up the machine from the store. Use a valid ID and credit card for verification, and sign the rental agreement after reading it carefully. 

Lowe’s chainsaw rental services offer a variety of models for customers, from gas-powered to electric and battery-operated chainsaws. They also provide different bar lengths to accommodate all kinds of projects.

You can choose to rent a chainsaw by hour, day, week, or even month. This makes it a very flexible and cost-effective option for both occasional and long-term use. What‘s more, you can also rent safety gear like gloves, goggles, and earplugs from Lowe’s alongside the cutting machine.

The rental process is simple, and you can either complete it in-store or online as per your choice, with the option for pickup or curbside delivery. But first, let’s learn what more benefits you can get by renting a chainsaw at Lowe’s other than saving money.

Process for Renting a Chainsaw From Lowe’s

Here is a step-by-step guide to renting a cutting tool from Lowe’s:

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

First, you must determine what type of chainsaw you need for your gardening or backyard project. Is it a gas-powered cutting machine you want, an electric one, or a cordless one? Lowe’s offers all. So, choose one that fits your budget, skills, and cutting needs.

Step 2: Check Availability

Once you’ve chosen the type of chainsaw you require, check its availability at your nearest Lowe’s location. Check online at Lowe’s website or call the store directly.

Step 3: Reserve the Tool

If your chosen cutting machine is available, reserve it by calling the store or online. Make sure to book it only for the time and duration of the project. Your time estimate should be reasonable. Otherwise, you’ll incur useless rental charges.

Step 4: Pick Up the Chainsaw

On the day of your rental, head to the nearest Lowe’s store to pick up your chainsaw. You can also pick up safety gear alongside your rental if you don’t have it.

But make sure to bring your valid government-issued ID card, credit card, and proof of insurance to secure the rental. You may also need to submit a security deposit.

Step 5: Return the Machine

Once you’ve completed your project, return the cutting machine to the same Lowe’s store where you rented it. Ensure to return on time and in good condition to avoid late surcharges or any additional fees.

Lowe’s Chainsaw Rental Fees

When it comes to renting a cutting tool from Lowe’s, the charges vary based on the model and type of chainsaw and the rental period. Typically, the rent for gas-powered cutting machines is around $35 to $40 for four hours. For battery-powered ones, it costs around $30-$35 for the same period.

To rent a gas-powered chainsaw for the entire day, you’ll generally have to pay around $70-$80. For a battery-powered machine, the rent can cost you around $60-$70. But if you need the cutting tool for a longer period, like weekly or monthly, the rent starts at around $200-$250 for a week and $500$550 for a month.

For cordless chainsaws, the weekly rates start around $150-$200 and monthly around $350-$400. Lowe’s will also ask you for a refundable deposit for renting a cutting machine to ensure you return the equipment in good condition.

The deposit amount depends on the chainsaw type. But typically, for gas-powered machines, it starts around $50-$60, and for battery-powered chainsaws, it falls between $30-$40. Overall, the tool rental price at Lowe’s is quite reasonable and offers good value for money.

The rental periods are flexible, and you’ll also get a couple of pickup/delivery options, making it easier to find a cutting tool that fits your budget and needs. Moreover, you may also get rental discount chainsaws for a particular period. So look out for those in the Lowe’s shop or online.

Requirements and Policies

The requirements for renting a cutting machine from Lowe’s are pretty straightforward. First of all, you’ll have to be 18 years old with a valid government-issued ID to apply for a rental. You must also have a credit card to claim the tool and cover any potential damages.

However, some Lowe’s stores may accept a cash deposit. Additionally, you’ll need to sign a rental agreement for the hours or days you want to borrow the chainsaw. You must also agree to return the machine on time and in good condition and provide proof of insurance.

Or you can buy Lowe’s optional insurance coverage to protect you against accidental damage or theft of the rental cutting machine. Also, there will be so many models of chainsaws to choose from.

Each will have different benefits and unique features, so it can be confusing to pick one for your project. In that case, it would be good to consult a Lowe’s associate to assist you in selecting the best cutting tool for your project and skill level.

Now you know the requirements let’s begin the chainsaw rental process from Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Offer Rental Delivery Services?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t offer chainsaw rental delivery services as of yet. But, they do provide a convenient curbside pickup and drop-off option at their stores. After arriving at the nearest store to your location, simply look for designated parking spots. You’ll see “R” with an allotted 1, 2, or 3 numbers for rental customers.

Once you park, call the phone number provided on the sign to let the Lowe’s associate know you are there for a pickup or drop-off. The associate will further help you complete the rental process and get your chainsaw. This provides a quick and hassle-free way to access your required cutting tool model.

Lowe’s Rental Hours

If you plan on renting a chainsaw from Lowe’s, it’s important to note the operation hours for the rental center and the store are the same. The rental hours are 6 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, the hours for the rental center start at 8 am and end at 8 pm. The Lowe’s store hours may differ on holidays.

Also, neither the rental center nor the store operates 24/7. So, be sure to check their holiday hours and plan accordingly. Additionally, you’ll need to return the chainsaw rental during regular store hours and ensure to bring a copy of your agreement and receipt as proof of return.

Benefits of Renting a Chainsaw at Lowe’s

Trained Professionals

If you’re not sure how to use a certain type of chainsaw, Lowe’s has trained professionals for help. They can provide you with guidance on how to operate the tool safely.

Uncomplicated Process

The renting process doesn’t require complicated agreements or a bunch of paperwork. Simply choose the chainsaw and pick it up from the store.

Save Maintenance Expenses

You can also save money on storage and maintenance costs associated with owning a chainsaw by renting one from Lowe’s.

Access to Up-to-Date Equipment

When renting a chainsaw from Lowe’s, you can be sure you are getting the latest and most advanced machine.

With technology evolving continuously, tools are being updated to improve performance, efficiency, and safety. This means you won’t be stuck with an outdated cutting tool and can have access to the latest up-to-date machine.

Test Before Buying

With a wide range of chainsaw models available at Lowe’s, you can pick a few to try before committing to buying one. It’s better and cheaper to rent a few models rather than buying a chainsaw that you find later on doesn’t suit your needs.

Now that you know the benefits of renting a chainsaw from Lowe’s, let’s determine the rental charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent tools from Lowe’s?

Yes, you can rent tools from Lowe’s. In addition to chainsaws, you can rent various gardening, lawn, power equipment, and even trucks and trailers. But to rent a cutting tool from Lowe’s, you’ll need to meet the rental service requirements, reserve the machine, and pick it up from your nearest Lowe’s store.

What is the cost of renting a chainsaw at Lowe’s?

The cost of renting a chainsaw at Lowe’s depends on the rental duration and the type of chainsaw you want. Typically, the prices can range from $30 to $100 per day, with extra charges for longer rental periods. However, to get an accurate estimate, it’s best to check with your nearest Lowe’s store or visit their website.

Is it possible to rent a chainsaw at a lower price at Lowe’s?

Yes, renting a chainsaw at a lower price than the standard rate is possible, as Lowe’s often offers promotional discounts and coupons on rentals. Furthermore, you can also sign up for Lowe’s email newsletter or join their loyalty program to take advantage of additional discounts and savings on rentals.

Before renting a cutting tool, it’s worth checking Lowe’s website or talking to their representative to see if any current promotional discounts are available.

Can I get a gas chainsaw on rental from Lowe’s?

Yes, you can get a gas-powered chainsaw on rental from Lowe’s. They have various gas-cutting machines available for different projects, ranging from small handheld to larger, more powerful options.

What are the terms and conditions of renting a chainsaw at Lowe’s?

The terms and conditions of renting a chainsaw at Lowe’s can vary depending on a specific rental agreement.

But generally, the requirements include a valid ID card, credit card, proof of insurance, safety deposit, and adherence to safety guidelines while operating the tool. You’ll also be responsible for any damages or repairs required during the rental period.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above guide answers your query, “Can you rent a chainsaw at Lowe’s” successfully. Lowe’s tool rental services provide a convenient and affordable way of picking a chainsaw for one-time or occasional use.

With a wide range of cutting tools to choose from, flexible rental options, and competitive pricing, you can never go wrong with Lowe’s. It’s a smart choice for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who can check a couple of chainsaw models before investing in one that suits them best.

Plus, with the curbside pickup and drop off of Lowes, it’s never been easier to access the gardening tools you need. So, head over to the nearest Lowe’s store and get started with your outdoor project.

Patrick McMann