How to Use an Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener in 2022? Beginner’s Guide

Powersharp was invented by Oregon, one of the world’s major makers of saw chains, bars, and accessories. Many chainsaw manufacturers use Oregon chains as standard equipment on their new models. I’ve used chainsaws for over 40 years and know they’re top-notch. Professional loggers utilize their gear as well. If Powersharp had come from another company, … Read more

How to start a Makita Chainsaw? A 2022 Guide

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Why Does My Chainsaw Cut Crooked? Detailed Answer

Chainsaws are strong instruments that make felling trees and chopping firewood nearly straightforward. However, even the most costly and powerful chainsaws may not always perform as expected. A chainsaw’s ability to cut crookedly or in a curved pattern is one difficulty that may arise. An inadequately sharpened chainsaw chain is the most common cause of … Read more

How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw in 2022

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How to Start a Poulan Chainsaw? A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Tune a Chainsaw in 2022? A Guide for Chainsaw Owners

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How To Clean A Chainsaw Properly?

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How to Mix Chainsaw Gas in Simple and Easy Steps?

For the long and healthy life of an engine, it is most important to put quality gasoline in it. Fuel with a lower octane rating increase the engine’s temperature and damage the internal parts. So be mindful and never use the cheap and low-quality fuel in your chainsaw. The answer to “How to mix chainsaw … Read more