Top Chainsaw Brands 2021 that are Market Leaders

top chainsaw brands

Chainsaws are more prevalent than ever in recent times. The ax and heavy-duty wood cutting machines are now replaced by compact and powerful chainsaws that are quite effective in getting the job done out in the middle. We will be exploring the top chainsaw brands that are leading this niche market. While many of them … Read more

Chainsaw History – Which Was First Chainsaw?


We have been in absolute love with the chainsaw machines. Using modern equipment makes us forget chainsaw history and sometimes the laborious work ancestors had to do in order to cut wood and timber. It was only until the chainsaw, heavy axes were carried around to deal with trees and woodcutting. Hero Behind Chainsaw The … Read more

Parts of Chainsaw

parts of chainsaw

Luckily, explaining and understanding a chainsaw is much simpler than other machines. It comes with a compact set of parts and features that can be grabbed in no time for each one of us. Firstly, we’ll be dividing a chainsaw into two mechanical modules. The first one is a chain bar that contains a saw … Read more

Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw

electric vs gas chainsaw

The debate between an electric chainsaw and a gas chainsaw is quite interesting. Both of them offer convenience on their own. It is not an ideal scenario to boast about a particular technology without considering the usage of the other type. To deal with this electric chainsaw vs gas chainsaw debate, we dig deep into … Read more