How to Attach Chainsaw Lanyards in 6 Easy Steps

how to attach chainsaw lanyard

Chainsaws are efficient tools for gardeners and arborists but can be dangerous if improperly handled. One crucial safety feature of a chainsaw is a lanyard or strap, which prevents the tool from slipping out of the operator’s hands. Attaching it to the machine is a simple but essential task that all chainsaw users should know … Read more

Chainsaw Tension Screw Not Working? Causes and Fixes

chainsaw tension screw not working

To ensure its safe and efficient performance, it’s crucial to maintain proper tension on the chainsaw chain. However, sometimes the chain tension screw may not work correctly, leading to poor cutting performance, damage to the saw, and even safety hazards.  In this article, I’ll discuss the causes of the chainsaw tension screw not working properly … Read more

How Hot Does a Chainsaw Muffler Get? Basics Explained

how hot does a chainsaw muffler get

Chainsaws are essential for various industries ranging from construction to forestry and landscaping. One crucial saw component is the muffler, responsible for reducing noise and cooling exhaust gases. As this tool operates at a high temperature, the muffler can become hot, causing concern for the operator.  In this article, I’ll explore the science behind a … Read more

How Heavy are Chainsaws? A Guide for Beginners

how heavy are chainsaws

When buying a chainsaw, its weight should concern everyone, as it can vary widely among different models. If you’re unfamiliar with chainsaws, it can be difficult to determine how heavy they typically are. Well, you’ve come to the perfect place because that’s exactly what I’ll be delving into. The question, “how heavy are chainsaws” actually … Read more